French president Macron's volunteers to be China's 'wedge'

In a bid to distance himself from the mass French domestic pension protests, President Macron detoured last week to a three-day escape to Communist China.  The well intended foreign distraction that his aides may have hoped for instead turned out to be a faulty and gravely mistaken venture.

Macron's foreign trip and messaging to the CCP-ruled China was a disastrous gamble on the part of Macron's courtiers.  The China visit turned out to be both an embarrassment and damaging, if not ruinous, to the overriding strategic unity of the Western democracies!

Last week's widely distributed free "China Daily" newspaper (with a claimed English language-circulation of 900,000) of Macron's much quoted pro–CCP China declarations made Macron into a new Chinese Star.  Thursday's China Daily Headline: "Macron Urges Europe to Reduce Dependence on U.S."

This brings to mind Joseph Stalin's rhetorical reply (when told the pope opposed Russia's actions): "How many divisions has the pope?"  France has merely two (but good) army divisions: the 1st and 3rd Armored Divisions.  In contrast, in Europe alone, the United States Army has at least seven combat-ready divisions: 1st, 3rd, 36th Infantry Divisions; 82 Airborne Division; and 2nd Armored Division.  It appears Macron is punching above his weight class.

Macron is prominently quoted by the Chinese paper.  For example:

 1. "There is a mutual attraction between France and China, a fascination, a friendship, a singular journey."  (Commentator's note: "A Singular Journey" indeed!)

2. "There is a great motivation for more cooperation and development in Sino-French relations."

The Thursday (April 13) New York Times cited Ms. Von der Leven (head of the European Commission), also on a visit to China during the same timeframe, making much harsher statements and correcting President Macron on his new China initiative.  The head of the European Commission said, "Europe could soon take a harder line on China. ... That would further align Europe with the views in the United States."

Noteworthy is POLITCO's headline: "Macron's Chinese Remarks Are a 'Disaster' for Europe, EU."

The core blunder of Macron's China visit and its disastrous repercussions (as Macron continues to double down on his new French initiative) is the much sought after "strategic wedge" the totalitarian Chinese and Russian regimes have long sought — a wedge to finally divide the democracies of the Western alliance.

Emmanuel Macron may prove to be their boy, "their wedge."

Right this way, Monsieur le Président (YouTube screen grab, cropped).

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