Fox News is helping the Democrats’ Biden document narrative

When it comes to the Biden document scandal, Fox News, as the opposition media, should not be banging the same gong that the leftist media outlets are striking with fervor. And yet it is. That’s not good news.

President Biden’s days as a politician are numbered, not because some confidential documents were ‘discovered’ in suspicious circumstances, but due to the “Big Picture.” If you want to understand what is going on, start with the result the leftist globalists desire and work back to the event at hand. Right now, they want Biden out because he no longer serves their goals.

For the four years after 2016, Democrats failed to promote anyone who could beat Trump. By 2020, they had no qualified (meaning ‘able to win’) candidates in the wings. They were stuck nominating and sheltering Biden solely to defeat Trump, boosting him in the primaries and through to his victory. Other acts towards Trump’s permanent defeat were the Russia hoax, the two sham “impeachments,” the January 6 committee, and the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Biden, though, is imperfect, and Democrats must move Biden out. He is no longer needed; his purpose is fulfilled. But how to do it?

Whoever ends up completing Biden’s term is the “incumbent” in the 2024 election. Dems understand that it cannot be Kamala for obvious reasons. Wait and see how creative the pressure will be on her to resign.

But moving Biden out is fraught with trouble. If just a fraction of the allegations about Biden are true, he can be impeached on many fronts. The problem is that other people are involved in those matters. Those crimes cannot be used without damaging some players in the Deep State, the party, or the intelligence services, and possibly exposing just what they have been doing.

Image: Joe Biden. YouTube screen grab.

So you must destroy Joe with a solo act that touches no one; namely, illegally possessing classified documents. Think about it—Biden’s lawyers found the first batch of documents and turned their own client in! Then, like a child’s game of Whack-A-Mole, documents keep popping up, some from the same places in which previous documents were found! With the deluge of new ‘finds’ swatting him almost daily, Joe must feel a bit like Tippi Hedren in Hitchcock’s The Birds, just wishing it would all stop.

The leftist media have picked up this ball and, instead of defending Biden, as is their wont, are ensuring Biden’s downfall. This should be a major clue for those paying attention.

Oddly, Fox News, which should be the political opinion opposition, dutifully reports each of these new findings with breathless glee as if electricity were just discovered.

What Fox is doing makes no sense because Joe is toast. There is no nullification benefit for the opposition to making him ‘toastier.’ The left is already doing the job of removing him from office. Nevertheless, Fox News is playing the role of the Democrats’ huckleberry. (If you’re wondering, the phrase “I’m your Huckleberry” means “I’m your guy/gal, and I understand your goals, and I’m here to help.”). Why is it doing this?

It’s good (important, even) that Fox reports the facts about the documents. However, the amount of time devoted to focusing on the document issue means Fox is amplifying a story that can only support the Democrat agenda. And lets them avoid having to delve into the true story of the power of the leftist globalist agenda that drives it.

In that agenda, we are seeing a slow-motion coup of a sitting presidency so that those pulling the strings can manipulate their desired candidate into office in 2024 while not harming any of their players. That is the big story and is a subset of the global Big Picture.

We should not be gleeful that Biden is being taken down but should be alarmed that our entire system is showing there really is a “man behind the curtain,” as Dorothy Gale learned in Oz. What’s happening behind the curtain is not a friend to America or to freedom. That is the story.

While this action is expected from the ‘usual suspects’ in media, it indicates that Fox News is going soft on its role of being opposition media. This trend got a noticeable start in April 2022, when the station stopped interviewing Trump.

Fox’s embrace of the mainstream narrative does not bode well for America, and that’s true whether Fox is on board with or afraid of the agenda. We’re in trouble if Fox abandons its long-standing role as a major media outlet pushing back against globalism, and attacks on the constitution, family, and faith.

“The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.”

Lewis Dovland is the nom de guerre of a passionate observer of America’s future direction with a focus on exposing the “Big Picture” end goals of the progressive Marxist movement and how we can prevail. Email at

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