Don't miss the big picture when dealing with the left

We are increasingly seeing a new term being used by thinking writers when it comes to both global and national politics. What is it, and how should we look at it?

The term The Big Picture basically answers the question: “If we continue to follow this societal, economical, and cultural path, where do we end up as a society?” In reverse, you can use the concept to define the desired end state and work backward to see the necessary steps to attain it.

There are two Big Pictures at play in America today, and they are totally incompatible.

I call the first Big Picture A, or “Individual Freedoms.” It follows the concepts of our Founders and Constitution, which built our prosperous society. The individual is the smallest unit and has full sets of rights and manifold freedoms. It is a bottom-up society, where the individual votes upwards to the state level, with the states retaining their federated constitutional rights of control. This is how America was designed and has operated for 250 years.

Maintaining that framework produces free-market capitalism, private property rights, and the guarantee of all our freedoms listed in the Bill of Rights, especially speech, assembly, and petition.

The second, Big Picture B, or “Totalitarian Socialism,” follows the concepts of socialism, Marxism, and progressivism, where the smallest unit of society is the group identity and where all power is concentrated at the top in the hands of elites in a totalitarian structure. Individuals have no meaningful rights, including private property, speech, and petition, and must comply with the diktats of the elites or be shunned from society, if not outright killed as history demonstrates.

This is the Big Picture of groups such as avowed Marxists, leftists, globalists, and those using the oxymoronic term Democratic Socialists. To achieve their Big Picture B requires a total collapse of America’s society, economy, and government structure. Note how everything they do drives towards this collapse.

Image: Satellite view of the United States by Globe Master – SideEffect. CC BY 3.0.

It isn’t too late to stop it, but we must be focused in our actions. As you look and listen very carefully to the statements and words of leftists, be specifically aware of their use and misuse of language, their control over the educational curriculum and system, the differences between conservative values and those of socialist, leftist, Marxist, communist and feudalists, and which of the Big Pictures takes us to any of them.

The key thing to remember about it is that every tiny issue is important. It is all interrelated and nothing is ‘standalone.’ Because of the left’s misuse of language, most of these items are not what they seem to be. Remember they must collapse America’s structures if they are to replace America with their nirvana. And everything they do drives toward that end.

For example, you might look at the massive flood of illegal refugees across our Southern border and be told that it is sympathetic to help the ‘less fortunate.’ Yet, in the Big Picture, this issue not only supports the Marxist goals of societal collapse by overwhelming the system but is also highly unfair to our poorest wage earners, as they see their jobs going to people who aren’t even citizens.

The same is true for the sympathetic preference given to “transgendered” (M2F) “women” who dominate women’s sports, an idea that ignores the impact on and cruelty to the very women competitors who see their hopes dashed against unassailable odds after training for years. Meanwhile, the real goal is breaking down our societal structures.

Attaining the Big Picture B destination ends in poverty for all but the elites, along with the loss of nearly all personal freedoms, and a totalitarian state. Leftists employ speech codes, doxing, violence, the heckler’s veto, job loss, and suppression of any but the correct (i.e., leftist) answer to any question.

The key takeaway from this brief article is to be fully aware of the total picture, not just the single component being presented out of context. When presented with a new request, especially one that includes compassion for any group identity, step back and take a 30,000-foot overview of where it all fits together. You’ll know when your pushback strikes a nerve because you will be called by an ad hominem slur such as racist or homophobe.

And that is when you double down!

Lewis Dovland is a political observer and passionate about America’s future direction. His focus is on the “Big Picture” end goals of the Progressive Marxist movement and is in the process of developing solutions to our recovery. He can be contacted at:

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