Biden's 'asylum' app creates fresh round of border chaos

Joe Biden put together a sneaky plan to get the illegal border crossing numbers down, yet continue to allow millions of illegal immigrants into the country.

It isn't working out the way he said it would. 

News reports say that the Miami and San Diego ports of entry are being flooded with new waves of migrants seeking to take advantage of these new ways to get in. Well gee, who could have anticipated that?

The app is overloaded and the prospect of lawsuits over the law's inherent illegality has prompted sudden crushes of migrants desperate to get in over the line before the whole thing gets shut down.

According to the Associated Press:


TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — Hours before sunrise, migrants at one of Mexico’s largest shelters wake up and go online, hoping to secure an appointment to try to seek asylum in the U.S. The daily ritual resembles a race for concert tickets when online sales begin for a major act, as about 100 people glide their thumbs over phone screens.

New appointments are available each day at 6 a.m., but migrants find themselves stymied by error messages from the U.S. government’s CBPOne mobile app that’s been overloaded since the Biden administration introduced it Jan. 12.

Many can’t log in; others are able to enter their information and select a date, only to have the screen freeze at final confirmation. Some get a message saying they must be near a U.S. crossing, despite being in Mexico’s largest border city.

At Embajadores de Jesus in Tijuana, only two of more than 1,000 migrants got appointments in the first two weeks, says director Gustavo Banda.

According to Fox News:

Hundreds of migrants flew into the Miami International Airport Thursday and Friday from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Haiti—all coming to the United States legally under the parole program. Under the new immigration plan, the U.S. will allow 30,000 migrants from four countries to enter each month. 

Migrant families are now coming to the United States earlier than expected after the lawsuit – fearing the program could end.

"My family particularly thought that if we couldn't push up the flight, she wouldn't have the chance. We made a decision to do it really fast because you know, we really just have one chance to do it and if we didn't do it now we couldn't ever bring her back," Yazmin Reyes said.

And of course, 'asylum' is not really about actual asylum from government persecution, that's just a magic word. Here's what one of the migrants says it's really about:

"My grandmother... we really need her, and we wanted to take the opportunity to take her here so that she would live a better life," Reyes said. "Because in Cuba, it's not the best place to live, and it's really hard to get a job or find food." 

Old granny has lived in Cuba for what, seventy or eighty years, with no problem from the Castro regime, and now is coming in as an asylum case for supposedly defying the government and being persecuted as a result? 

This isn't about asylum. It's a backdoor means of letting more economic migrants, particularly the public charges in.

Biden's White House minions put together their 'asylum' cell app called CBPOne so that migrants could use them on their cell phones. (Even in Cuba, they apparently all have them). The Bidenites also expanded "parole" into the country, complete with a free two-year work permit, for some categories of illegal migrants where the incoming crush was particularly high.

In his January 5 speech on illegal immigration, Biden described his "solution" to the open-border crisis he created like this:

First, if they’re seeking asylum, they can use an app on their cell phone called CBP One — O-N-E — CBP One — O-N-E. That’s to spell it out, not the number “1.” To schedule an appointment at a port of entry and make their asylum claim there without crossing the border unlawfully and have a decision determined by an asylum officer, do they qualify.

Second, in October, we worked with the Mexican government to launch a new parole program. There’s another program called the — you all know it, but the public may not — called the “parole program” that immediately showed results by reducing the number of people crossing the border unlawfully. The way this parole program works: One must have a lawful sponsor here in the United States who agrees to sponsor you to get here.

Then, that person has to go — undergo rigorous background checks and apply from outside the United States and not cross the border illegally in the meantime.

He assured us that letting tens of thousands of would-be illegal migrants in this way would go a long toward "fixing" the border crisis, which was an obvious political liability for him:

We anticipate this action is going to substantially reduce the number of people attempting — attempting to cross our southwest border without going through a legal process.

Well, he's just managed to create a new wave of migrants, illegally waving them into the country on the magic word 'asylum,' which means "open sesame" in migrantese, all to cynically get his illegal-crossings numbers down. The app doesn't work, the illegal nature of the 'parole' is a starting gun for a new border rush, and now the illegal border crossings numbers are higher than ever. In December, those numbers hit a record all-time high at 250,000 "encounters," and now we see the new chaos and jammed airports in the wake of Joe's January speech.

Nice going, Joe. You just made the border mess worse.

As Barack Obama used to say: "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f*** things up." 

Image: U.S. Customs and Border Protection printable screen shot // government work public domain



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