Antifa tries to turn Atlanta into Minneapolis or Kenosha

Antifa has gone to war in Atlanta and, as happened in 2020 during the BLM and Antifa riots, some in the media want to downplay what’s happening. It’s harder this time, though, especially given that Antifa announced in advance that it intended to go to war.

The violence in Atlanta centered around a new police training center that Atlanta intends to build in DeKalb County. When the project was first proposed for the forested land, the site of a one-time prison farm, it caught the attention of environmentalists, even as the idea of training police officers offended racial justice groups. Nevertheless, Atlanta (a completely Democrat-run city) approved the $90 million project in 2021.

By January 2022, activists were protesting on the site. Taking a page out of the old environmentalist activism playbook, they began building shelters in the trees, marking a permanent presence. As was the case with the Antifa activists whom Kyle Rittenhouse shot, most of these people were drifters who came from places other than Atlanta.

Five months later, predictably, the Antifa members became violent. The police arrested seven of them for throwing a Molotov cocktail at the police when the latter tried to clear the area. In December 2022, the police arrested five more people for throwing rocks at police cars and rocks and bottles at emergency service workers (i.e., firefighters and EMTs).

As an aside, so you get a sense of what’s shaping these radicals, of those five arrested in December, one was Serena Hertel, 25, the daughter of an Idaho architect. She and her brother were both affected by the cultural leftism permeating America. Her brother, sadly, overdosed at 27, having ingested fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, meth, and diazepam. Hertel herself became radicalized at Pitzer college ($80,000+ per year for tuition and housing) and ended up in some way associated with Soros organizations.

Hertel is not unique. She is one of a huge cohort of hysterical, White, radicalized young women who are reshaping the Democrat party. That Hertel trekked to Atlanta so she could violently oppose a police academy is getting to be par for the course for these damaged women. But back to events in Atlanta.

The escalating violence on the site of the proposed academy inevitably led to death. Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, an Antifa member who believed he was either a plural human being or an object (pronouns: “they/it”), fired on a state trooper at the new Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, wounding the trooper badly. Law enforcement officers responded logically, firing back at the person who had tried to kill one of their own. Their shots landed, and Teran’s pronouns are now “were/was.”

In typical leftist fashion, having started the fight, Antifa members announced that they were the victims and, because the police had gone to war against them, they would attack the police in Atlanta. The anarchists, leftists, and loonies were not shy about announcing their intentions:

Activists in Atlanta are calling for a “night of rage” after authorities said they killed a man who shot and injured a state trooper during a violent confrontation at the site of a planned public safety training center that protesters have dubbed “Cop City.”

And rage they did:

All that looks so familiar, doesn’t it? And in another déjà vu moment, some in the media have denied that the rioting is violent:

CNN might have wanted to point out to its viewers that the freelance journalist, above, is himself a leftwing activist:

For those Americans who had forgotten, Antifa is not a sweet, all-American “anti-fascist” organization. It is a violent anarchist organization with members who want to destroy America’s institutions. Some are driven purely by destructive rage, others are globalists who believe America is evil and must be destroyed, and still others are utopians who envision a pastoral, pre-modern world in which the lion lies down with the lamb.

Regardless of motivation, they pose a serious threat to Americans’ communities and lives. Antifa is the military arm of today’s hard-left Democrat party, just as the KKK was once the military arm of yesterday’s hard-racist Democrat party. With the Democrat party currently ascendant (the White House, half of Congress, Secretary of State offices in blue and purple states, the media, entertainment, corporate America, etc.), they feel that this is their time to strike.

Like wintering geese, Antifa’s members are busy in the southern half of America but, when the weather warms, like those same geese, they’ll be heading north. Unless ordinary Americans push back vigorously against their violence, the anarchists will win. Keep in mind that Hitler never won more than a third of the popular vote. All you need for totalitarianism to win is violence, a complicit or cowardly political class, and a passive population.

Image: Twitter screen grab.

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