The Democrat race baiters were all over the tragedy in Monterey Park

Americans woke to a terrible story this morning: There was a mass shooting at a Chinese Lunar New Year celebration in Monterey Park, California, near Los Angeles, that killed ten people and injured another ten, all Asian. For many hours, that was all we knew. However, that information vacuum didn’t stop leftist race-baiters from building up their rage against “racists” (meaning, of course, those who are not Democrats). As it turned out, they were completely wrong about the killing. There are no apologies, of course. Instead, you know that they’ll simply double down on attacking the Second Amendment.

After news broke about the shooting, “anti-racist” tweets instantly appeared, from the heights of the Democrat party on down, all of which also gave a fair measure of hatred to the Second Amendment and America in general:

The themes are always there within minutes of any story about a shooting. Indeed, one person pithily summed everything that leftists instantly spouted the moment the story broke:

As it turned out, they were completely wrong about the nature of the shooting. It wasn’t some anti-Asian White man. Instead, it was a middle-aged Asian man taking out on his community his anger over a domestic dispute:

As for the Second Amendment, modern history is clear: The greatest numbers of gun deaths occur when a government disarms its people. Ask the victims of the Nazis, the Soviets, the Chinese communist party, Castro’s communist party, the North Korean communist party, and every other victim of a totalitarian government that reserved arms for itself. Oh, wait! You can’t ask them. They’re dead.

America is a violent country, not because of its guns, but because of its gun culture. Hollywood, where the stars are protected by men with guns, glamorizes guns in most of its products. Currently, the Democrats have illegally created an open border over which people stream from some of the most violent countries in the world: Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, El Salvador, etc. Across America’s Democrat-run cities, Soros DAs refuse to enforce the laws against criminals.

And, of course, Democrats continue their strident push for complete license to kill babies up to the point of birth, something that preoccupied the White House today:

What will change America is a change in culture. Until we become a nation with a reverence for life and the rule of law, violence will continue. The problem isn’t guns; it’s Democrats.

Image: The Monterey Park suspect.





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