Expect no immediate improvement in New Zealand after Jacinda Ardern leaves office

The unexpected announcement of the resignation of the execrable Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand brought a moment of hope that the Kiwis might recover from her misgovernance of the lovely island nation. Monica Showalter three days ago explained her draconian lockdown (the worst in the world outside of China), destruction of the economy, inflation, green hysteria policies, and China sucking up that drove her approval from 70% to 29%.

But her successor is likely to be no better, as Peter Smith write at The Pipeline:

…it would be a mistake to think that Chris Hipkins, her replacement as prime minister, will be enlightened. As New Zealand's health overlord, he was complicit in outdoing the infamous Dan Andrews (premier of the Australian state of Victoria) in the extent and intensity of Covid lockdowns; he's also been serving as minister of education and police. Expect more of the same from him.  Big government. Green delusions. Sucking up to China. Have a look:



Hipkins was just confirmed as PM at a Labour Party meeting Sunday. He will assume office after Ardern tenders er formal resignation to King Charles’s representative in New Zealand, Governor General Cundy Kiro. Hipkins will be sworn in next Wednesday.

But there is a ray of hope for the beleaguered Kiwis:

Hipkins has a tough road ahead with Labour trailing the opposition in opinion polls and the country expected to fall into recession next quarter before a general election on Oct. 14.

Until then, the authoritarianism of the Ardern regime is expected to continue.

Photo credit: Twitter video screengrab

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