Leftist policies have driven women mad

At the forefront of the BLM riots in 2020 were women—screaming, hysterical, angry, irrational women, seemingly college-educated, and both Black and White. These women were obviously broken, and a poll now confirms that observation. The left, by denying these women their biological mission, is destroying them. However, those women who embrace that mission may save America.

For the past 60 years, especially in academia, leftists have told the vulnerable young women in their charge “You are a victim. If you are White, you’re not only victim of the patriarchy, by virtue of your skin color, you’re also a victimizer and undeserving beneficiary of systemic racism. If you are Black, no matter your ability or accomplishments, you will always be a victim, whether as a woman or as a Black person.”

It’s impossible to imagine more toxic messages, whether by creating unsustainable cognitive dissonance in young White women (“you’re both victim and victimizer”) or demeaning Black women beyond all reason (“no matter what you do, you’ll always fail”). Leftists didn’t stop there, though. They also attacked the very nature of being a woman.

For decades, young women have been taught that motherhood is devoid of meaning and purpose, erasing a woman’s natural intelligence and ability. The secret to fulfillment, young women are told, is a career. Moreover, if you want to ride that career to the top of corporate power, you’d better be all-in for abortion because those babies will get in your way.

Image made with Screaming woman (YouTube video) and protective mother (cookie_studio via freepik)

Being told they’re simultaneously evil and helpless, or that they’re doubly helpless, has been disastrous for mental health in leftist women, along with being told to deny their biological destiny, is a recipe for misery. This isn’t just me saying so. This is self-reporting from those same women:

New polling from YouGov and the Deseret News has found that liberals, especially liberal women, are ‘significantly less happy’ with their lives than their conservative peers.

The US polling, which was conducted as part of the 2022 American Family Survey, found that liberals were about 18 percentage points less likely to be “completely satisfied” with their “mental health” than conservatives. The problem seems to be particularly acute for liberal women, who registered the lowest levels of satisfaction with their lives and mental health.

Only 15% of liberal women in the age group surveyed said they were “completely satisfied” with their lives, compared to 31% of conservative women.

In the same vein, only 15% of liberal women reported being “completely satisfied” with their mental health, compared to 36% of conservative women.

No wonder so many young women, trained in self-loathing and encouraged by the so-called “transgender” groomers swarming in schools and social media, happily undergo surgery to remove the two things most closely associated with their reproductive biology: Breasts and uteruses.  A recent report says that, in just three years, 1,130 minors had their healthy breasts chopped off, all in the name of imaginary “gender affirmation,” an increase of almost 400% over the previous time period. If that’s happening to children, one can only imagine the numbers in adult women. Not only that, these severely damaged women are celebrating their mutilation.

This is all depressing but here’s something that may cheer you up. Even leftism can’t completely override biological destiny. There are still plenty of leftist women who are having babies.

It’s true that a small subset of them are so damaged that they inflict the madness of chronic anger and hysteria, along with gender mutilation, on their own children. Most women, though, when they have children, click into their biological destiny, and that destiny requires that they defend their children at all costs. That’s why women who once were reliable Democrat voters, especially because of their loyalty to abortion, are turning to the Republican party as they discover even greater fealty to their children’s physical and mental welfare:

Suburban women are shifting Republican — by 27 points, a Wall Street Journal poll found, with 74% saying the country’s headed the wrong direction — because the Democrats have let them down.


For suburban women, the past couple of years have been an unpleasant, in-your-face lesson in the incompetence of Democratic Party governance, and the (huge) extent to which Democrats care more about their interest groups, like teachers unions and racial activists, than about the people they are supposed to be working for.

No matter what leftists tell us, women are biologically wired to perpetuate the species, both by having children and then defending them. This doesn’t mean that women cannot have careers or must have children; nor does it mean that women who, for whatever reason, do not have children have somehow failed as women. The data, however, show us that women whom leftists have brainwashed into loathing both themselves and their biological destiny are deeply unhappy, while those who ended up with children are biologically programmed to defend them. Nature will find a way.

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