Advocates of the irresponsible

Irresponsible behavior increasingly is sanctioned by the left.

In days of yore, the left advocated for social justice.  It sought reforms to attain more equality in matters of race, sex, and class.  With the gradual evolution of social mores and passage of time, leftists' grievances have undergone some degree of resolution.  The left, however, should not be taking victory laps for the full measure of any progress realized.  "Women's Lib," for example, is more a product of technical advances — the Pill, household appliances, supermarkets, disposable diapers, etc. — than of marches and bra burnings.

Undaunted, and inherently dissatisfied with any existing social order, the left now is ramping up its activism against the system with new initiatives.  It now advocates irresponsible behavior to alleviate the plight of its assigned victims of societal oppression.

One example is the Fat Acceptance Movement, in which the obese are designated oppressed.  Obesity is just "body difference" and therefore to be embraced and lauded.  Bill Maher, hardly a right-wing extremist, tweeted, "There's a disturbing trend these days with rewriting science to fit ideology.  We've gone from fat acceptance to fat celebration."  The left, supposedly comprising people of science, is irresponsibly dismissing the established health risks of obesity to advance its ideologic narrative of diversity and inclusivity.  And with over 30% of the nation being obese, displaying support and compassion for them is perhaps, for the elitist left-wing power seekers, more than ideologic.  Maybe they'll show their appreciation at the ballot box.

Leftist Newspeak now brings us "stochastic terrorism."  Stochastic is defined as randomly determined.  Those of us lacking the intellectual capacity to relate "randomly determined" to specific acts of violence or terrorism must simply embrace the left's right to irresponsibly assign liability for a violent act to any random utterances emanating from the political right.  The attack on Paul Pelosi could thus have been incited only by political attacks on Nancy.  QED.

Gender dysphoria is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as psychological distress that results from an incongruence between one's sex and one's gender identity.  So it is okay to advocate for the application of irreversible surgical procedures to correct an ill-defined psychosexual disorder.  Critical analysis of a 2019 Swedish study of 2,679 individuals with gender dysphoria found no mental health benefits of hormonal intervention or genital mutilation.

Woke progressive ideology has also brought us bail reform; one-stop-shoplifting; legalization of marijuana to alleviate anxiety and depression; college debt forgiveness; and advocacy for publicly funded abortions for unwanted pregnancies, including those resulting from irresponsible behavior.

Leftist activism follows the law of supply and demand.  As the supply of true social injustices wanes, but the left's innate demand for effecting change remains unabated, its pent-up activism becomes increasingly inane.  Lingering social injustices need to be attacked more intensely and more irrationally with activism that all too often flies in the face of common sense and reality.  New injustices need to be fabricated to facilitate venting of their dissidence.  As dutifully regurgitated by our president, white supremacy is suddenly now the nation's greatest problem.  It used to be income inequality, but now with the nation's wealth migrating to the left, resolving its unjustness has become less compelling.

One can only speculate that their unquenchable need to display compassion and moral certitude reflects a need to compensate for unresolved emotional conflicts that find transient resolution in virtue signaling.  Those on the left will never be satisfied with any social structure.  Should a truly equitable society ever evolve, they would rail against the injustices imposed by its oppressive conformity.

Image: Public Domain Pictures.

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