The ten-year-old rape victim story just got stranger

During his speech decrying the Supreme Court decision returning the question of abortion to the people — where it properly belongs — Biden referred to a ten-year-old Ohio rape victim who'd been forced to travel to Indiana to get an abortion.  His anger wasn't directed at the rapist; it was directed at the state that allegedly refused to provide an abortion because of Dobbs.  The problem for Biden was that Megan Fox had already pointed to holes in the story.  Now, though, the MSM have proudly announced that the story is real because a 27-year-old illegal alien was just arrested.  If they thought it through, they wouldn't be so smug.

The Supreme Court issued the Dobbs decision on June 24, triggering Ohio's ban on abortions after six weeks.  A week later, the IndyStar reported that, just three days after the Dobbs decision was handed down, Caitlin Bernard, an abortionist in Indiana, received a call from an Ohio child abuse doctor saying she had a 10-year-old patient who was exactly six weeks and three days pregnant.  And that's the whole story: Bernard, in Indiana, performed an abortion on a 10-year-old child who was, quite coincidentally, exactly six weeks and three days pregnant.

The story went viral, but, by July 5, Megan Fox noticed a few problems.  Nobody had bothered to do a deep dive into the facts, most notably the fact that, seemingly, no one had reported the rape.  Democrats, instead, immediately used the story as a political cudgel.  Bernard, it turns out, is a political activist who has a knack for getting her name in the leftist media.  Since 2019, she had pending in Indiana a lawsuit to continue performing second-trimester abortions — a suit that Dobbs killed.  Just days before Dobbs appeared, Bernard was predicting abortion Armageddon, and, like magic, she got that Armageddon.

The story's lack of details and Bernard's refusal to respond to Fox's queries about whether she had reported the rape didn't stop Biden from obsessively emphasizing the story during his July 8 speech:

Just last week, it was reported that a 10-year-old girl was a rape victim in Ohio — 10 years old — and she was forced to have to travel out of the state, to Indiana, to seek to terminate the presnency [pregnancy] and maybe save her life.  That's — the last part is my judgment.  Ten years old.  Ten years old.  Raped, six weeks pregnant.  Already traumatized.  Was forced to travel to another state.  Imagine being that little girl.  Just — I'm serious — just imagine being that little girl.  Ten years old.

With Biden having put the White House imprimatur on the story, it became more important than ever to assert that it was true.  This was a problem.

Even the Washington Post's Glenn Kessler conceded on July 9 that, despite contacting every child services agency in Ohio's largest cities, he'd come up with nothing.  Ohio's attorney general also said he hadn't heard anything about a ten-year-old rape victim but said that the Ohio law explicitly allows exceptions for medical emergencies, even extending beyond the life of the mother, meaning that the child had no reason to leave Ohio.  The Daily Beast promptly attacked Jesse Watters for wondering what the truth was.

Yikes!  The narrative was working against the pro-abortion crowd.

And then, miraculously, the news came through: 27-year-old Gerson Fuentes had been arrested for the child's rape.

Gershon Fuentes.  Franklin County Jail image.

But here's what's funny about that report: Fuentes was arrested on July 12.  The child was impregnated on May 10, 2022, a date we know precisely because she was six weeks and three days pregnant when Dobbs came down.  Her mother allegedly reported the rape on June 22 and, by June 24, her status (six weeks and three days pregnant) was known, justifying a rush across the border to Indiana across ice floes, with bloodhounds at her heels.  (Or maybe that last bit is from Uncle Tom's Cabin.  The drama makes it easy to get confused.)

With these hard facts — and the child apparently identifying Fuentes by June 22 — why was he arrested only after the story became embarrassing?

Perhaps the fact that Fuentes is an illegal alien has something to do with the shroud of mystery.  That illegality is significant:

Every ... illegal alien[] is an outlaw — and the thing about outlaws is that, once you start down that road, why stop? You've already abandoned societal norms — and, if you're from some remote region in Mexico, Guatemala, or Africa, your norms may well be very different, especially when it comes to a man's right to have sexual congress with any boy, girl, or animal that catches his eye.

In North Carolina, where a database tracks child rapes by illegal aliens, 135 illegal aliens were arrested just in the first six months of 2022 and charged with 465 pedophile sex crimes.  That's just in one state.

And therein lies the real issue with this case: it's not that a young Ohio child was exactly three days over the legal deadline for an abortion, justifying a dramatic race across the border; it's that some young, male illegal aliens have a propensity for pedophilia (including, frequently, incest) and that Biden is flooding our nation with these rootless, morals-free young men who live the lives of outlaws.

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