Illegal aliens are bringing in things worse than COVID

At the beginning of June, we brought news to you about the 3,166% increase in the number of sex offenders caught on America’s southern border. Keep in mind that the more than three-thousand percent increase represented just those illegal aliens the border patrol was able to catch as hundreds of thousands of people from around the world have been pouring into America since Biden blatantly broke American law and opened the border. North Carolina is one of the states that posts people’s immigration status as part of reporting arrests, and July has been another impressive month.

As I noted above, the border patrol can’t apprehend all (or even most) of the illegal aliens flooding into America. Look at this dashboard footage of what happened when a border patrol officer was able to stop an SUV filled with illegal aliens. The border patrol caught the vehicle, but illegal aliens – mostly young men – ran out like clowns from a little clown car at the circus:

Every one of these illegal aliens is an outlaw – and the thing about outlaws is that, once you start down that road, why stop? You’ve already abandoned societal norms – and, if you’re from some remote region in Mexico, Guatemala, or Africa, your norms may well be very different, especially when it comes to a man’s right to have sexual congress with any boy, girl, or animal that catches his eye.

As of July 15, North Carolina already had 72 child sexual assault charges on the books. And again, that’s just the ones who were caught. At that rate, the state will see 150 child sexual assault charges against illegal aliens. What’s really horrifying is that 150 is an average number in North Carolina according to North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement.

Because these illegal aliens have no business in America, every child assaulted is a crime that would not have happened but for our government’s refusal to enforce immigration laws. It’s only going to get worse as more illegal aliens flood the border. Even the ones caught at the border are being shipped into America’s interior, where they promptly vanish.

And of course, the only sexual predators identified are the ones who were previously caught. It’s anyone’s guess how many of the people flooding in are predators who have operated freely in their own countries and have no record in ours.

Meanwhile, just to give you some perspective, here’s a video showing you how our government is treating Americans who trespassed into the Capitol building, a building that is, ironically enough, the people’s house:

The best thing that can happen to America is a veto-proof Republican-majority Congress after the 2022 election, followed by a budget that summarily cuts off every single bit of welfare we Americans are handling out to the illegal aliens coming in from all four corners. Then, it’s time to impeach Biden for breaking the border laws and, if he’s even somewhat compos mentis, lodging criminal charges against him.

IMAGE: A car full of potential sexual predators Twitter screen grab.

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