Joe Biden's embarrassing first day in Israel

Catching Joe Biden's gaffes, blunders, dementia, and lies can be amusing, but, mostly, it's extremely disturbing that the man at the head of the American government is a demented liar who gets worse every day.  The first day of his trip to Israel was no exception.  Biden was confused; he shuffled around; he seriously misspoke about the Holocaust; and, of course, because this is Joe Biden, he offered a grotesque lie about Trump's role in the Middle East.

Biden is at a stage in his decline that's sadly familiar to me.  My mother spent her last decade in a very lovely retirement community, but the sad fact is that people left that community only one way (feet first, as they said).  What was unnerving is that, if you were there as often as I was over the years, you could tell whose feet were beginning to point to that door.  Biden's feet are pointing as the disabilities of his old age (which is creeping up on him like the Picture of Dorian Grey asserting itself) are beginning to overwhelm his public appearances.

First, there's that brittle, shuffling gait (and did you catch his surprised start when the trumpet salute played?):

But physical well-being is just one factor.  Biden's suggests that his body is aging badly, but that doesn't mean he's mentally impaired.  What suggests mental impairment is his inability to avoid gaffes.  For example, there's just no way to dress up referring to the "truth and honor of the Holocaust."  I assume Biden misread the phrase "true horror of the Holocaust," but, if his brain functioned, he'd never have made such a deeply offensive mistake:

Also, remember that Biden is working hard to reinstate the Iran deal, ensuring that Iran becomes a fully armed nuclear state — and a state, moreover, that is openly committed to Israel's genocidal destruction.  For Biden then to talk about his commitment to avoiding a Holocaust is such a sneering insult that, really, there are no words.  But Biden wasn't done yet.  During a sit-down interview with an Israeli journalist, Biden had several bizarre points to make and one disgracefully dishonest one.  One of the more disturbing things he said is that America could be supporting Ukraine for years — and then, when the interviewer, surprised, repeated that, he accused her of putting words in his mouth:

That was a twofer, both because the thought of sending taxpayer money to Ukraine's corrupt government for years is appalling and because the interaction showed that Biden's brain isn't tracking information from one second to the next.  Biden did, however, very nicely refer to the Republican party as the "Mega party."  I can see a lot of people wanting to back a "Mega party," rather than a Democrat party that is destroying the U.S. economy and waging a vicious war against cultural norms going back to prehistoric times (men are men and women are women; vive la différence!):

And then there was the big lie.  Trump did two extraordinarily important things in the Middle East.  The first was to curb the Palestinians' outrageous demands.  All past administrations, whenever the Palestinians said "no" to a good offer, sweetened the pot, encouraging Palestinians to continue saying "no."  Trump did something different.  When the Palestinians said "no," he started withdrawing things from the pot.  If he'd had more time (i.e., his second term), he probably could have brought them to heel.  Second, Trump initiated the Abraham Accords, from which Israel and her neighbors are continuing to reap benefits.  This, too, withdrew things from the Palestinians.  Trump essentially told the Arab nations that Israel is a more useful ally than the fractious, violent Palestinians.  Thus, the Arab nations could do one-on-one trade and travel agreements with a functional nation rather than a terrorist state.  Biden, instead of honoring Trump's accomplishments and promising to build on them, outright lied, because that's what Biden does:

Trump was a salesman who engaged in obvious puffery, promising that everything he did was the best and most wonderful.  Anyone over five understands that puffery is opinion.  Biden, however, is a stone-cold liar, making manifestly and substantively false assertions, a habit reflecting a combination of his personality and his declining mental wattage.

Every time Biden opens his mouth, America's enemies (and there are many) must lick their chops, while America's allies (and there are a diminishing number) must shake in their boots.  It is to be hoped that a successful midterm election, giving Republicans such a decisive hold on Congress that even RINOs listen to American voters, will rein in Biden's more dangerous behaviors, whether in matters of policy or speech.

Image: Biden in Israel.  YouTube screen grab.

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