Texas Democrat launches a racist attack on Mayra Flores

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-Tex.) recently came under fire after a hired political operative, Texas political blogger Jerry McHale, launched a series of bigoted attacks on his opponent, Mayra Flores (R-Texas).

In numerous posts, McHale referred to Flores as "Miss Frijoles" and "Miss Enchiladas."  McHale also questioned Flores's account that she worked in cotton fields with her Mexican immigrant parents as a child, attacking her as a "cotton pickin' liar."

NBC News reported that Gonzalez's campaign gave the McHale Report $1,200 in June for "advertising services," according to the Federal Election Commission, as well as $1,000 in October last year.

Flores's surprise victory in June during special elections for Texas's 34th Congressional District made her the first Latina Republican born in Mexico to be elected to Congress.

This was a major election victory for the GOP because the Latino-dominated district hasn't been represented by Republicans since 1871.  Flores's victory elevated her to the national spotlight. 

How did the Democrats react?

Not well. 

The Democrats had for long taken the Latino vote for granted, almost presuming to own Hispanics.  The Democrats are particularly incensed that the same Latinos dared to reject them.

Flores's victory has been taken as a personal affront by Texas Democrats; hence, they are pulling no punches as they campaign for the midterms in November.

Flores also issued a statement excoriating Gonzalez for hiring a local blogger who ran hateful and racist ads against her.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott stood with Flores.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy lambasted the attacks on Flores.

Gonzalez responded with an "apology."

He began by shirking responsibility, claiming to have no control over the content of adverts.  Gonzalez went on to condemn McHale for "the offensive remarks," but in true Democrat tradition, the apology wasn't unconditional. 

Gonzalez repeated one of the biggest Democrat lies about President Trump: that he had referred to all Mexican as rapists and murderers.  Gonzalez asked Flores if she had the "courage" to condemn Trump.

Flores rejected Gonzales's faux apology

Flores compared McHale's attacks to first lady Jill Biden's comments last week in which she said the Latino community of San Antonio is "unique as breakfast tacos."  She also mentioned the New York Times column in which she was referred to as a Far Right Latina.  She also highlighted her opponent Gonzalez's claim that she is an "unqualified opponent" and Gonzalez attacking her for being born in Mexico.

However, Flores's attacker McHale didn't show any remorse for his bigoted rhetoric.  He claimed it was "political satire."  He said he is "a liberal Democrat.  And it's war against the Republican ... I'm going to be merciless with her."

McHale's remarks reflect the mindset of the "liberal Democrats."

The Democrats may claim to have boundless empathy for Latinos, but the empathy lasts only as long as Latinos vote for Democrats.

The best test for empathy is to see how Democrats react when Latinos develop a mind of their own and vote against them.

True feelings often tend to be revealed when individuals are scorned by rejection.  The reference to Frijoles and Enchiladas demonstrates the disdain the Democrats have for Latinos.  Flores's recent victory has left them unhinged; hence, they are saying in public what they always said behind closed doors.

This should come as no surprise.

The Democrats claim to be feminists but hurl the most vicious of sexist attacks at conservative women Sarah Palin and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  The Democrats claim to be allies of the LGBT community, yet they labeled trans Olympian "Caitlyn" Jenner as a "disgrace and a hypocrite" because of his conservative beliefs.  They claim to be allies of African-Americans but are brutishly racist toward black conservative African-Americans such as Candace Owens and Ben Carson.  The attacks on Flores are just another example.

In fact, calling any group a minority is inherently insulting.  It presumes that the group is somehow inferior and needs assistance.  It is the soft bigotry of low expectations.  A democratic society functions best when everyone is equal.  Those in need should be helped.  That should not be on the basis of group identity.

The Democrats look upon Latinos as a homogenous group whose members are identical in every way.  The Democrats assume a position of superiority and decide what is good for these Latinos without even consulting them.  Finally, they expect Latinos to follow orders without asking any questions. 

Their overall patronizing attitude is demonstrative in their presumption that Latino citizens would approve of open borders and forgive all the perils associated with it such as drugs, human-trafficking, and crime because those crossing the border are of the same race.

The Democrats assume that Latinos will follow them on fanatical advocacy of abortion.  They fail to empathize with Latinos, who are 77 percent Christian and generally disapprove of unfettered abortions.

If the Democrats really had empathy, they would know that Hispanic immigrants coming now hail from Central and South American nations, many of which are run by military dictators.  Latinos have either personally experienced atrocities under dictatorial regimes or have heard from their relatives about hardships.  Their desire for freedom and liberty caused them to immigrate to the U.S.

When Latinos see Democrats advocating socialism and displaying totalitarian proclivities by demonizing political opponentsmandating masks, vaccines, and lockdowns; setting up a Disinformation Governance Board, and supporting red flag laws that confiscate guns from citizens on mere suspicion, they are alarmed.

The Democrats frequently talk about "Latino issues," failing to comprehend that Latino citizens suffer from the same issues that every citizen faces.  Latinos too are struggling due to the misgovernance of Biden, particularly inflation and soaring gas prices.  They want a life of peace and prosperity and hope for upward mobility.

But the Democrats have dehumanized Latinos to such an extent that they cannot even perfunctorily address issues that are not on their "Latino agenda."

Back to the attack on Flores.

Napoleon Bonaparte famously said, "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

Gonzalez's unhinged attacks demonstrate Democrats' desperation.  They were unable to digest defeat at the hands of Flores during the special election, and they sense defeat during the midterms again.

All Flores has to do is vote wisely in the House and inform her voters about the hate she is receiving from the Democrats.  The purpose is not to play victim, but to educate voters about the true nature of the Democrats.

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