Pro-abortion protesters now moving on to harassing the entire neighborhood where Brett Kavanaugh lives

So by the laws of the left, not only is it OK to hound and harass a Supreme Court justice in his home, but the whole neighborhood can get harassed out of house and home, too.

That's the reality, now that filthy-mouthed and potentially violent protesters are getting away with such deeds against Justice Brett Kavanaugh and now his neighbors.

According to Fox News:

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's neighbors are fed up with the actions of protesters near their homes as some engaging in pro-choice activism have chosen to personally target residents, rather than heed noise complaints.  

In June, Fox News Digital spoke with neighbors who painted a picture of protesters who are loud and intimidating, threatening escalation if they don't get what they want. Furthermore, neighbors claimed that protesters had abused them and their children, using drums and megaphones to chant "f--- you," and "f--- your children."

A Wednesday piece from The Washington Post shows that little has changed in two months. The paper spoke with eight different sources from the neighborhood. Seven of them voiced frustrations about the protests, citing "jarring language" and rising tensions. 

Residents, in some cases, have attempted to confront protesters over their methods but were quickly excoriated.

"They just call us fascists," Lyric Winik, a resident of the neighborhood, told The Post. "Nothing about this is healthy. We've got kids on this street scared to leave their homes."

Imagine having to listen to that, and when you complain, they call you "Karen."  Police are now being flooded with calls from neighbors, who are being chased out at least temporarily just to get away from the bellowing, the obscenities, the graffiti, the traffic, and the mess.

According to the Washington Post:

Demonstrators take strong exception to the reactions, saying that to whatever extent they disrupt tranquility, it is part of a much more important message — bringing attention to how a number of justices altered the lives of millions — and a message could be even stronger with the residents' participation. As they chanted recently: "Out of your houses and into the streets!"

Washington, D.C. being Washington, D.C., the Post noted that these harassed residents are hardly conservatives.  They are affluent Democrats and leftists, who have stated they on the same side as the pro-abortion protesters, with some posting signs about their pro-choice views as a sort of "inoculation" shot to keep protesters from targeting them, which rather tells us that this is a campaign of terror.

Please eat me last, Mr. Crocodile...

The protests are in fact illegal.  But everyone in the local establishment, from Joe Biden to the city officials of the Chevy Chase, Washington, D.C. neighborhood (there is an affluent old-money area in the northeast of the city called Chevy Chase, which is not the same as Chevy Chase, Maryland) are doing nothing. 

So residents, besides complaining (and many did not want to go on the record for the Post, knowing what the protesters might do) are trying to ward off the organized protest groups.

This is not about peaceful protest at this point, which is not to be done under federal law for the purpose of influencing a judge.  The Roe v. Wade ruling, which places abortion decisions into the hands of the states, has already been made.  But it's more illegal than ever, because it's about power, political muscle, revenge, collateral damage, and perhaps getting Kavanaugh's neighbors to pressure him to move from the neighborhood — as they are sending a message to him and the next justice who crosses them that there will be this kind of hell to pay.

The neighbors objecting to this outrageous behavior that ruins their quality of life and peaceful capacity to enjoy their property, a foundational right, are just expendable collateral damage in this, but they may be part of the larger diabolical plan of the big-money organizations who are continuing to fund this.

It's tempting to laugh at the lefties who live there and say that maybe they should be pro-life instead since there are no special breaks for being pro-choice in that neighborhood.  But now it's a bigger issue: the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, all of which is being shut down on a whole neighborhood by a demonic force with fanatic intent on killing babies.  The Post doesn't mention it, but the Fox News report does: an assassin was foiled not too long ago with a live plan to kill Kavanaugh.  The crazed protesters hitting this neighborhood are only peaceful...until they aren't.

And now these crazed protests, completely unchecked by law or common decency, are the standard.

Image: Screen shot from WUSA9 video via YouTube.

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