PBS joins the campaign to get you to eat bugs

The mandarin-wannabes all agree.  For the sake of the planet, all but the wealthy need to give up their attachment to eating meat and switch to "alternative proteins."  They connect meat production and consumption to global warming through animal flatulence and the need for chemical fertilizer and land to produce feed for the steers, pigs, chickens and other meat sources.

The Dutch farmers' protests are a sign of what is to come as the green extremists who control governments impose restrictions on the production of food.  Sri Lanka's catastrophe after going organic is an early sign of the famine that awaits.  Let's call it the Green Leap Forward, echoing China's disastrous Great Leap Forward that from 1958 to '62 imposed ideology on the production  of food and killed at least 36 million people of starvation and related disease.

While fake meat made from plants like the "Impossible Burger" have been relentlessly promoted, the real prize is to convert meat-lovers to insect protein.

Taxpayer-funded PBS has just joined the propaganda campaign, which will only accelerate:

Factories have already begun production:

On May 26th, Aspire Food Group announced that it has completed construction of its alternative protein manufacturing facility. London, Ontario is now home to the world's largest cricket production facility.

Aspire's new plant will reportedly produce 9000 metric tons of crickets every year for human and pet consumption. That's about two billion insects to be distributed annually across Canada and throughout the United States.

Aspire also reports that it already has orders for the next two years.

Crickets are currently being explored as a protein-rich superfood. They contain fibre and are already found in grocery stores and restaurants, and have a smaller environmental footprint than traditional protein sources.

The U.K. is getting on board, too, with its "Consultation on transitional arrangements for edible insects in Great Britain."

And (of course) the U.N. is promoting bug farming:

If Klaus Schwab and his ilk have their way, you will not only own nothing and be happy, but dine on insects and declare them delicious.  

To be fair, if you want to eat bugs, be my guest.  But don't make meat prohibitively expensive, and don't shut down food production to force me to eat bugs to survive.

Hat tip: Sundance.

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