Just a few questions, Mr. Biden

Things going on these days just do not make sense.  One just can't understand why Mr. Biden and his Deep State do the things they do.  Biden and his cabal are acting in a way that is totally against the American heritage and, even more perilously, against America's future.  So here are some sincere, honest questions for the placeholder in the White House.

Why are you leaving the southern border wide open with no troops, no army, and no border security?  It leaves children exposed to human-trafficking and our countrymen vulnerable to terrorism.  Why do you allow a porous border, facilitating illegal and unconstitutional immigration?  Why, Mr. Biden, are you purposely ignoring your constitutional responsibility to protect the homeland? 

Why are you intentionally enacting policies that hike up the price of gasoline?  Why do you pursue policies that drive up the price of food?  Why do you push an agenda that drives up the inflation rate to a 40-year high?  Why did you demand policies that led to a supply-chain issue, thus resulting in empty shelves at the grocery store and a food shortage?  Why promote policies that have made the price of homes unaffordable for many families, and made it so that rental properties are out of reach for many couples?  Why have you brought us to a place where there is a shortage of fertilizer for farmers, and thus the yield on crops will be smaller, and there will be even less food for American families?

Why are citizens who acted within their legal rights during the J6 rally imprisoned in Washington, D.C.?  Why do they remain in American Gulags without being officially charged and without the provision of bail?  Why did you say it is illegal and an insurrection to question the outcome of the stolen 2020 election?  Why are you against voter identification to vote lawfully, but are insistent on a vaccination passport to enter a store or fly on a plane?  Why do you call your enemies white supremacists?  Why did seven states all stop the counting of votes, all at the same time, on election night?  Why are you trying to make it illegal for your political opponents to run for office against you?  Do you believe that it is constitutional to make your political opponents...political prisoners?

Why would your government lie about where the COVID-19 virus actually originated?  Why did you shut down schools, make the wearing of masks mandatory, require citizens to keep six feet apart, and impose an experimental vaccine upon the nation — when it was clear these "solutions" did not work?  Why did your government cancel doctors who called for herd immunity?  Why did you force an experimental vaccine on the citizenry, when it clearly violated the Nuremberg Code?  Why, during COVID, did you lock down schools and churches — but keep open liquor stores, hemp centers, and needle exchanges?  Why are you against allowing individual states, within our federal system, to decide on their own laws with respect to the pro-life issue?  Why are you in favor of more federal legislative protection for snakes, alligators, and turtles more than you are for protecting living babies inside the womb?

Why would your Deep State create a Ministry of Truth?  Why does your government look much more like a George Orwell novel rather than a Norman Rockwell picture?  Is it you and your Deep State who will be deciding what is truth and fact, and what is disinformation and misinformation?  Do you recognize and adhere to the First and the Second Amendments?  Do you believe that all of our laws, policies, and presidential executive orders must adhere to and follow the Bill of Rights?  Will the Ministry of Truth fall underneath and be in line with the U.S. Constitution and also be subject to Supreme Court decisions?  Why does the Deep State surveillance community believe that it is "mostly peaceful protests" when BLM or Antifa commits violence, but it is treasonous insurrection when MAGA commits lesser offenses?  Why did you say MAGA is the most extreme political group in American history?

Why did your Department of Defense leave behind $83 billion's worth of military equipment for the terrorists in Afghanistan to keep?  Why has your secretary of state made it easier for the government of Iran to possess nuclear weapons?  Why does your government want to treat Israel and Iran equally?  Why are you so much more worried about the borders of Ukraine facing foreign invasion than you are about America's?  Why does your budget have more dollars for the protection of Ukraine's border than it does for the protection of America's border?  Is Taiwan going to be a sacrificial lamb for you to stay in China's good graces?  Why are you so intent on driving Christians, conservatives, and constitutionalists out of the military?  Why do you allow our military to become more "woke" than warrior?  Why does your military leadership seem to empathize more with Marx, Mao, and Che than with Grant, Ike, and Patton?

Why do you think it is acceptable for public schools to groom young children?  If there truly are more than two sexes, how many exactly are there?  Why do you want curricula in our schools that will teach kids to hate each other because of the color of their skin?  Why do you refuse to put many violent criminals in jail, and give early release to others?  Why do you ignore massive robberies taking place in our cities with no one being held accountable?  Why are you pushing curricula in our schools that teach children to hate our Founding, despise our Founding Fathers, and even change the date of America's birth?  Why did you tolerate mobs of BLM and Antifa pulling down statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt?

Mr. Biden, I'd appreciate hearing your answers.  I'm asking for a friend — 330 million friends, actually.  I look forward to your reply.

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