Does anyone understand civics anymore?

With the unprecedented SCOTUS leak concerning the Dobbs v. Jackson case, uncomfortable realities are unfolding — but perhaps the greatest is the severity of civic illiteracy.

Jennifer Lincoln, an OB/GYN based in Portland, Oregon, posted a video on TikTok, detailing an "assignment" to women who were upset at the potential of a Roe v. Wade reversal — it was an itemized list of action steps.  See the video below:

@drjenniferlincoln TODAY’S ASSIGNMENT Tuesday 5/3/22. #bansoffourbodies #roevwade #mybodymychoice #obgyn #reprorights @plannedparenthood ♬ The Assignment - Tay Money

One of the enumerations on Lincoln's agenda is to "fight against states deciding who can access abortion."  So, at the end of the clip, Lincoln states, "I'll be at my federal courthouse today, speaking up and saying 'no' to government control over our bodies."

Huh?  Since when do federal courts have anything to do with the state legislative process?  (Answer: They don't.)

I wanted to point out her ignorance, decrying her stupidity, but settled on the established wisdom to never look a gift horse in the mouth.  Murderous predators relegating themselves to unproductive and fruitless tasks is a windfall for those fighting to protect the innocent and vulnerable, and I'm content to take the edge.

Now, Lincoln is only a lackey for the abortion industry interests, so maybe we cut her some slack, as the civic process isn't her strong suit.  But what about Angie Craig, retired journalist and congresswoman for Minnesota's 2nd District?  Does she have a solid understanding?

No, no she doesn't.  The overturning of a judicial decision that finds no basis in the Constitution does not equate to "government-mandated pregnancy."  As we know, nullifying Roe v. Wade simply means that the issue of abortion gets kicked back to each state.  The Tenth Amendment stipulates anything not explicitly outlined as a power or authority for the federal government lies in the hand of the sovereign states.  Seeing as abortion is not mentioned, for now, this would become a concern of each state.  (Conclusively, a new human life begins at conception, and therefore the constitutional and moral position is complete abolition.)

The SCOTUS leak exhibited a sad state of current national affairs for many reasons, but the complete ineptitude of many Americans concerning their own political environment is by far the most worrisome.  Thomas Edison said, "The strength of the Constitution, lies in the will of the people to defend it."  We don't even know what it says, so how could we possibly defend its integrity?  And if we fail to uphold its virtues, what will become of our Republic?

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