Joe Biden slanders America's 80 million Trump-supporters

One of the things about senility is that, like alcohol, it can free the speaker of inhibitions.  That's why Biden's characterization of Trump-supporters (all 80 million or so of them) as "the most extreme political organization that's existed in American history" is honest.  You know he means it.  Although this characterization is so defamatory that it would be easy to laugh off, it's no laughing matter.  That's because his government criminalizes political opposition, and his supporters enjoy violence.

Here's Biden accusing Trump-supporters (those who would like to Make America Great Again) of being the most extreme in American history.  It doesn't matter that he corrects himself to refer to "recent American history."  You know what he means:

Let's put aside for now that the man who campaigned by promising to be a unifier and who obsessed about "unity" in his inaugural address, a word he mentioned nine times, just called half the country dangerous radicals.  After all, any sentient being knew that Biden, a man distinguished for his sheer meanness during his political career, was lying.

Instead, let's think about "extremism."  I know I'm writing for a conservative audience, but I'm just wondering in which universe Biden's supporters are the rational ones and Trump-supporters are the extremists:

Biden-supporters say people can become the opposite sex by wishing (with help from dangerous hormonal treatments and mutilating surgery); Trump supporters say that, other than a minutely small number of people born genetically intersex, sex is determined by biology and is immutable no matter what people wish.

Biden-supporters say it's necessary and appropriate to begin teaching children when they're in preschool that they can change sex or be no sex; Trump-supporters believe that children should not be exposed to sexual theories by adults who make choices inconsistent with personal reproduction and, instead, seem to want to propagate their lifestyles through exposing the children to their sex lives.

Image: Biden the instigator (edited).  Twitter screen grab.

Biden-supporters say Whites are racially inferior and that all institutions (both public and private) should discriminate against them; Trump-supporters say people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

Biden-supporters say America's borders are racist even as Ukraine's borders are sacrosanct; Trump-supporters say a nation ceases to exist without borders and that they want America to continue.  As for Ukraine, they're leery of getting so involved with its borders that America faces a hot war with a nuclear-armed Russia.

Biden-supporters say all police are racist and kill Black people; Trump-supporters point to figures showing infinitesimally small numbers of incidents in which police kill unarmed Black men, as well as to the fact that, with police stepping back from doing their job, more Blacks are dying.

Biden-supporters say a fetus is not a baby; Trump-supporters say it is.

I could play this game all night.  I think it's sufficient to say that Trump-supporters hold views that were normative for decades, and even centuries (heck, even millennia), while Biden-supporters hold views that recently sprang fully formed from the stygian darkness of leftist academia.  In other words, Biden's words are stupid and untrue.

We can't dismiss Biden's words, though.  We have innumerable examples showing that federal institutions, which are made up almost entirely of Democrats, will use the law to attack political opponents — e.g., the IRS scandal; the Russia hoax; the nonstop investigations into Trump; and, most notably, the treatment of the January 6 martyrs.  Hundreds of them have had their lives completely destroyed for stepping into the Capitol, even though operatives removed signs warning against trespassing and the Capitol Police held the doors of the Capitol open, inviting them in.  Biden and his DHS secretary also insist repeatedly that White supremacism (which they never define) is the major terrorism threat in America, all evidence to the contrary.

There's also that propensity for violence that is inherent in leftism.  As Exhibit A, I give you the George Floyd riots.  Exhibit B is the brewing abortion riots.  In L.A., rioters already started throwing rocks and bottles.  Pro-abortionists are openly calling for violence.

What's concerning is that Biden may have just given marching orders to leftists both in and out of government.  The government is already geared to attack "White supremacists" (even if they're Black), while leftists made it clear in 2020 that their opponents are all Nazis, and it's okay to attack and even kill Nazis.

Again, no one expected Biden to be a unifier, but it gets scary when the man in the Oval Office is an instigator.

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