Stacey Abrams is coming for your kids

We've heard a lot about how elites conspired (and bragged) about manipulating the 2020 election in their favor, claiming they had "saved democracy."  We've learned about how Zuckerbucks ensured that private resources were spent under color of authority to "get out the vote" but only for some districts, while elected officials who had that job were sidelined.  We've learned that Twitter and much of the rest of the social media juggernaut conspired to block and censor the valid and verified news of Hunter Biden's laptop.  We've learned about how the door to fraud was opened with junk-mail balloting and ballot-harvesting.  We've learned about broken election laws, made-up election laws, and the blocking of election observers.  We have also learned about raw election fraud.

But the great cheating machine didn't stop at those outrages.  When lawmakers attempted to correct some of the issues that contributed to the fraud through legislating better laws, they came for the kids.

Here's one from the bunch that brought us Georgia's fraud-filled election debacle, according to Townhall's Spencer Brown:

New documents obtained through an open records request show how far Democrats in Georgia have gone in their attempts to demonize practices that make elections more secure and set themselves up for future victories by pushing their messages to the rising generation of voters.

In short, the records uncovered show that an organization founded by Stacey Abrams partnered with Atlanta public schools to uncritically teach students that election security provisions such as requiring ID to vote are discriminatory in nature, while the lax protocols implemented amid the COVID-19 pandemic should become permanent.

The lesson plans and curriculum used in the fall of the current school year were obtained by Greater Georgia — former U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler's organization focused on reaching and mobilizing conservatives while pushing for more transparent elections in her state — and grassroots education watchdog Parents Defending Education. 

A "frequently asked questions" page uncovered shows that 2,500 students in 11th and 12th grades from eleven public schools in Atlanta were involved in a "pep rally"  last September, an event sponsored by organizations including The New Georgia Project — founded by Stacey Abrams — and progressive-aligned Rock the Vote. 

So it became an object of the school curriculum to teach kids to demonize Georgia's voter security measures put in place by elected legislators as "discriminatory" and "racist"?  Or, as Joe Biden put it, "Jim Crow 2.0"?  They were teaching this claptrap to impressionable kids?

And this was supposed to teach kids to love their country and its democratic processes?  Imagine being a kid and hearing that garbage, and then believing that the people who got elected to the Legislature, by the voters, were your oppressors, and your job was to stop them.  Do you scrap democracy in favor of one-Democrat rule?  Is that the idea?  Are elections valid only when the Democrat wins?  That's what the kids were being taught. 

These ballot security measures, such as limiting electioneering and goodie bag handouts by partisans in voting lines and ending unattended ballot drop boxes, were all put into place by elected officeholders based on the will of the voters.  The laws, in fact, have been immensely popular with voters, and not just popular, but turnout-builders, given that the states that have seen these laws passed have seen sharply higher voter turnout.  People go to elections and vote in them when they are confident their vote will be counted correctly and fairly.  They stay home when they smell a rat and know the fix is in.

The aim of this "education," as Townhall noted, was to ensure permanent Democrat rule, much as California's system has been manipulated to ensure one-party rule, similar to Mexico's PRI rule during its 70-year "perfect dictatorship."

It's quite an illegitimate use of the schools by activist groups who will stop at nothing to ram through their leftist agenda.  It's an outrage that ought to be prosecuted.  And to amend the damage, kids must be taught the other side of the issue by an equally vociferous voting rights group on the side of the legislators.  To teach this propaganda, which is so out of touch with reality, and claim it's just basic-grade civics education is an outrage. 

This is far from the only bad story coming out of Georgia of the bad reaction from the left to voter integrity laws.  Another story that ran in Townhall described how a private school agreed to "sweep" student lists for voters above the age-18 line for activists to register them to vote, undoubtedly pressuring them to vote for Democrats. 

There's quite a multi-pronged effort out there to come for the kids now that the claims from the left about "voter suppression" are falling apart.  Item one on the agenda for legislators now must be to cast these activists spreading lies and indoctrinating kids out of the public schools.

Image: Gage Skidmore via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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