If you want to control people, here's what you go for

If you wanted to rule the world, what would you change to make that happen?  Try something that can easily track and control everyone as they go about their daily lives — to the point that they can't escape your stalking or dictates.  If you could control the one thing that everyone must use everywhere in his daily activities, you could make the dictators of the past look like rank amateurs.

What would have this amount of power to track and control everyone in society?  What is the one system of the federal government that you must use in your daily life to buy gas, food, or anything else you need?

The obvious answer is currency — the one innocuous vestige of the government and the central banking system that you have to deal with daily.  Or at least seemingly "innocuous," because no one thinks about the potential privacy and control implications that mere printed pieces of paper or plastic could have on your life.  But think about it: the use of these government-controlled objects could tell the government when and where you've purchased a gun or ammunition (if you can find it).  Even worse, if it's "programmable," as they say, they could decide that you can't purchase those items.

Then apply that example to everything else you need.  Fuel for your car?  Not if your carbon footprint is too big at the moment.  Meat or anything else the green fascists don't like?  Your programable currency says you don't deserve it.  Do we need to mention that they've deemed talk they don't like "hate speech" and pro-freedom people "terrorists"?

Everyone has probably heard of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the decentralized non-governmental digital currency based on blockchain technology.  Back on March 9, 2022, President Biden put out an executive order on cryptocurrencies.

On top of all their other faults, the nation's socialist media love to play fast and loose with the wordage on this subject, conveniently forgetting to distinguish between cryptocurrencies and what are innocuously referred to as Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) and, no, we're not talking about cannabidiol (CBD).  These are almost the exact opposite of cryptocurrencies.  On top of being a centralized, digital form of government fiat money, these are the liberty-destroying nightmares that would enable the far left to have total control over your life.

You have to ask yourself why they are so casually deceitful in subliminally conflating the two concepts.  You'll notice that the capital city's favorite birdcage-liner groups all its recent reportage on the subject under the cryptocurrency rubric.  There are drastic differences between the two types of digital assets, but the same people who go to great lengths to explain other things tend to forget all about that in this case.  But now that you know the power of programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies, you can see why they are holding back in telling you the whole story.

Why are they keeping a lot of this under wraps?

Ask yourself: if all of this were above board, why would they be working overtime to confuse the issue and hide the details about what they are doing behind a curtain?  If they truly wanted the general public to buy into this scheme, shouldn't they be striving to sell it to everyone?  You would think that there would be some resistance to a drastic change like this, even if it didn't have any negative repercussions.  Even with the best-case scenario, they should be out marketing their new idea to everyone so they will find it acceptable when it's finally rolled out.  But that isn't happening, is it?  They are almost doing the opposite, keeping their cards close to their collective chests.  Why is this the case?

This not only confirms the negative implications of this scheme.  It reveals something even more ominous.  If they don't think they can sell this to the people, how are they going to implement a programmable Central Bank Digital Currency system?  Force is their only other option, coupled with a convenient economic crisis.

Liberty-denying leftists are buying into this scheme, while the pro-freedom side has begun to voice its opposition, such as in this recent BlazeTV special (at 48:10).

There are several others: here, here, here, and here, as well as articles on the subject.  Being forewarned is forearmed for the situation where they might try to impose these on the nation.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history.  A writer in the communications field and a long-time contributor to the NOQ report.

Image via Pxhere.

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