The left has an ego problem

In describing human behavior, Freud defined the id as the source of primal urges, the superego as the moral conscience, and the ego as the outwardly expressed mediator of the other two's interaction.  Woke progressive activists project an aura of superego.  They are the moral, virtuous seekers of diversity, equity, and inclusivity.  They passionately lash out at the oppressive forces of society to which they attribute our many intolerable social injustices.  When confronted with resistance to their agenda, they swing abruptly from self-righteous indignation to slander, character assassination (Kavanaugh), civil unrest (BLM, Antifa), witch hunts, identity politics, and cancel culture.  They preach superego but practice id, displaying little in the way of ego.

Social progress does not depend upon such gyrations.  When Rosa Parks sat in front of the bus, she was using her ego to trigger meaningful social reform.  She was not virtue-signaling, nor did she attack a white occupant with her umbrella.

But the left has grown far more radical over the years.  As social injustices progressively wane, the left waxes more passionate and hysterical for their resolution.  The venting of their innate discontent requires the unearthing of new dragons to slay.  America's founding, American imperialism, systemic racism, the Confederacy, offensive statuary, law enforcement, voter suppression, immigration control, etc. are irredeemable sins of the past, oppressive policies, or intolerable cultural inequities that must be overcome.

The overcoming of social injustices has taken on new purpose.  The left is no longer concerned with integrating into the mainstream.  By destabilizing and rendering society chaotic, it now seeks to incorporate the mainstream into the left.  If eventually successful, it will finally have achieved its occult ego quest — political control.  In the meantime, it will continue to fabricate and attack increasingly inane "social injustices."

Image via Max Pixel.

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