In America's transgender war, one mom is fighting back

In November, a story broke about two teachers who held a sold-out seminar for the California Teachers Association's LGBTQ+ forum.  During the talk, the teachers boasted about how they inveigled children as young as 11 and 12 into groups that advanced the LGBTQ+ cause, all without parental knowledge or consent.  Now a mother whose daughter was almost destroyed by pressure from these teachers is suing the school district.

Lori Caldeira and Kelly Baraki, both 7th-grade teachers from Buena Vista Middle School in Salinas, California, made the presentation at the conference, which ended up on an audio recording.  They were explicit that their purpose was to give attendees techniques for recruiting students into LGBTQ+ clubs.  The Epoch Times article breaking the story detailed the teachers' advice:

  • Keeping GSA clubs unofficial, without rosters or records, so they have plausible deniability when parents complain that their children have been attending club meetings.
  • Giving clubs names that don't scream "LGBTQ," such as the "Equity Club" or the "You Be You" club.
  • Spying on children's conversations and web activities to identify children they can target for membership in the clubs.
  • Using anti-bullying programs as LGBTQ promotion activities.
  • Taking charge of the school's morning announcements, which allows teachers who sponsor LGBTQ clubs to make sure their activities are widely known.

In addition to inveigling students into joining LGBTQ organizations, the two teachers were incredibly hostile to parents, saying those who didn't honor their children's new pronouns should be arrested for child abuse.

One of the children on the receiving end of this technique was the then-11-year-old daughter of Jessica Konen.  According to Konen, the teachers put enormous pressure on her daughter, first getting the child to believe that she was bisexual and then pushing her further, to the point at which the child declared she was actually a boy.  This latter effort included teaching the girl how to bind her developing breasts to stop that development.

Image: Gay-Straight Alliance at a school.  Public domain.

Konen says she first learned what happened in December 2019, during a meeting.  What saved her child was the lockdown and distance learning.  Once her daughter was no longer being pressured by Caldeira and Baraki, she happily reverted to identifying herself as the girl she is.

Harmeet Dhillon, who is an indispensable warrior in the battle against leftism's toxic effects on young people, was the attorney Konen turned to when she wanted to file suit.  When the Daily Mail reached out to Dhillon, she told the outlet that "since filing the case, she's heard from parents across multiple states who describe 'secretive trans grooming' by school officials[.]"

Biologically, neither homosexuality nor so-called transgenderism is natural.  The human biological imperative is for procreation, and that can happen only through the coming together of one human man and one human woman.  Also, despite an endless search for a gay gene, no one has been able to find it.  Likewise, there is also no known "transgender" gene.

While human biology is complex, and we cannot rule out biological factors, what's certain is that the incredibly aggressive, culturally dominant LGBTQ juggernaut doesn't believe in leaving things to nature.  Its members are actively and aggressively putting pressure on children to announce that they are anything but heterosexual or their biological sex.

It's time for school districts across America to learn a lesson, and that lesson is that they don't get to use the time they have with children to indoctrinate them to become members of the LGBTQ spectrum.  This needs to stop, and Konen's lawsuit is a good start.

The last two years, during which leftists have weaponized COVID across the political and social aspects of America, have been hard years.  They've been especially hard for children, denied socialization and normal learning.  On the other hand, the past two years also saw the left give up all pretense of catering to longstanding American norms.  Seeing them red in tooth and claw has been illuminating and may prove, in the long run, to be a helpful step to reclaiming sanity in America.

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