California teachers learn ways to indoctrinate kids through LGBTQ+ clubs

A new Epoch Times article reveals the contents of a leaked audio recording from a sold-out California Teachers Association (“CTA”) conference dedicated to LGBTQ+ issues. On the audio, two seventh-grade teachers from California’s Central Valley can be heard attacking parents who aren’t on board with the LGBTQ agenda and boasting about the methods they use to circumvent parental concerns to get kids, whether LGBTQ+ or not, into their clubs.

According to the article, Kelly Baraki and Lori Caldeira, who teach at Buena Vista Middle School in Salinas, California, explained their techniques to recruit students into LGBTQ clubs (which are also referred to as Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA, clubs). In a nod to the Central Valley’s status as one of California’s conservative political zones, Baraki’s and Caldeira’s seminar was titled “How we run a ‘GSA’ in Conservative Communities.”

The audio clip has the two teachers explaining the following techniques:

  • Keeping GSA clubs unofficial, without rosters or records, so they have plausible deniability when parents complain that their children have been attending club meetings.
  • Giving clubs names that don’t scream “LGBTQ,” such as the “Equity Club” or the “You Be You” club.
  • Spying on children’s conversations and web activities to identify children they can target for membership in the clubs.
  • Using anti-bullying programs as LGBTQ promotion activities.
  • Taking charge of the school’s morning announcements, which allows teachers who sponsor LGBTQ clubs to make sure their activities are widely known.

The same audio shows that Baraki and Caldeira view parents as the enemy, ridiculing them and even dreaming of them being arrested and prosecuted for opposing the teachers’ LGBTQ+ activity amongst 11-to-13-year-olds

They suggested that parents who refuse to call their child by pronouns of the child’s choosing should be arrested and charged with child abuse, [Rebecca] Murphy [the pseudonymous source for the recording] said.


Baraki ridiculed a parent who complained she hadn’t planned on having a conversation about sexual orientation and gender identity issues with her middle-schooler but was pushed into it by the school.

“I know, so sad, right? Sorry for you, you had to do something hard!” Baraki told her audience. “Honestly, your 12-year-old probably knew all that, right?”

Homosexuality has been a part of human behavior since time immemorial, but it’s always been a fringe activity. Those societies that thrive in terms of individual liberty and economic strength are the ones that put the heterosexual family unit front and center. There is no faster way to destroy that success than to turn children away from heterosexual sex, which also happens to be the biological imperative that continues the human species.

Image: Gay-Straight Alliance at a school. Public domain.

While I have no problem with the fact that there are homosexuals in any society and believe that they should be left alone to live their lives as they see fit, I have deep and serious problems when our society encourages children to embrace same-sex relationships. Statistical data shows repeatedly that, no matter how accommodating society is about LGBTQ+ relationships, they are statistically less healthy and happy than heterosexual relationships.

I have even bigger problems when our schools try to get kids to abandon biological gender entirely. Transgenderism is one of the great 21st-century delusions. Biological sex is fixed at the genetic level, except in a minutely small number of people born with a genetic anomaly. Everyone else is born in the “right” body. To the extent there are people who wish they were born as the other sex, the problem is either mental (often associated with maternal sociopathy) or perhaps hormonal.

The hormonal idea is my theory, predicated on two facts: (a) enormous numbers of women get pregnant shortly after going off the Pill and (b) American drinking water is riddled with hormones excreted from women on the Pill. This may mean that infants in utero are getting hormones that interfere with their brains’ sexual development. The answer, of course, is not to give confused children the hormones of the opposite sex, followed by mutilating surgery. If my theory has any validity (and frankly, I don’t see why it shouldn’t), the answer is to give the children hormones aligned with the biological sex.

Problem solved—but leftists don’t want to solve the problem. Like those two teachers, they are aggressively attempting to create a nation that has abandoned biological reality and the cultural successes of the nuclear family.

As for Buena Vista Middle School, the “You Be You” club was disbanded; all clubs must have rosters, parental permission, and other paperwork; the school principal will control morning announcements; presentations or assemblies covering sexuality must comply with state standards and be shown to parents first; and teachers may not monitor students’ non-academic online activity. The teachers are being monitored but will continue to have access to students. In other words, identifying leftist activity and calling it out works to stop it.

You can read the full Epoch Times article here, for it has more details than I shared.

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