Anomie and the Great Reset

The intended role of representative central government is to fill vacuums — to formulate and implement constructive policy toward the resolution of issues only when such cannot be achieved at a grassroots level.  As society becomes more complex under the pressures of globalization and technical advances, unresolved issues increase.  Biased media platforms ensure their immediate and global dissemination.  And as time goes by, career policymakers exert their influence and will into an increasingly unstable national body politic.  The government bureaucracy grows, fed by media-amplified injustices, xenophobia, and inequalities.

Government at this point has two choices: to try to dampen the flames of angst and discontent in the populace or to add fuel to the fire.  Our government, driven by the progressive left's quest for partisan control, has chosen the latter.  It generates directly, or passively encourages, discontent in the population.

We are guilty of being a systemically racist nation, fueled by white supremacy and patriarchy.  Riots are "what people do."  Equity trumps merit.  Identity politics trumps unity.  Cancel culture precludes conversation.  Criminal behavior is acceptable.  Income inequality is a crime against the people.  Hysteria and fear are the proper response to COVID.  American imperialism justifies open immigration.  The January 6 "insurrection" heralds the downfall of democracy.  Voter rights outweigh clean elections.  Patriotism is nothing more than white nationalism.  "Gender" is chosen from an à-la-carte drop-down menu.  Fear, guilt, anger, and confusion permeate the culture.

None of these "issues" springs upward from America's grassroots.  They are all generated or amplified by leftist ideologues and forced downward so that, in the end, we can only turn to a nurturing and benevolent government to snatch us from the abyss of the giant vacuum it deviously created.

Anomie is a condition of social instability resulting from a breakdown of social standards and values.  Greater emphasis on ends rather than means — clean energy, defund the police, equity — leads to a breakdown in social structure.

Anomie is the goal of the radical left.  From its ashes, the Great Reset will arise.  The Great Reset seeks a restructuring of economic, political, and personal values, which determine how society functions.  Social justice is at its core.  The U.N. envisions a Happy Planet Index and Gross National Happiness to replace the seduction of GDP.

To its disciples, the Great Reset initiates fundamental changes to correct our deeply flawed and unjust social system.  To the apostate, the Great Reset has taken on a formidable foe: human nature.

Image: Edvard Munch.

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