Hey, people! It's time for your next dose of 'indoctrination'

I was heading home on the subway after a day of recording several guests for The Eric Metaxas Show.  Two of those guests talked specifically about the adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, and even more specifically about how the various vaccines have tampered with (to put it mildly) women's reproductive systems when it comes to menstruation.  Dr. Peter McCullough was one of these guests; Naomi Wolf was the other — and you can hear their interviews about the facts and evidence presented on Wednesday's program here.

As I was preparing to jump off the subway at Grand Central, I couldn't help but notice a couple of official New York government PSA ads, one a huge banner above the doors, the other a smaller one underneath and to the right of the doors.  These ads directly contradicted facts I had just hours earlier heard from the experts:

Image courtesy of Albin Sadar.

Staring at the posters, I couldn't help focusing on two statements in particular that purport to answer "officially" the question the ad posed: "Will the COVID-19 vaccine affect my child's puberty or their fertility in the future?"

Answer: "COVID-19 vaccines were studied extensively and found to be safe."

But isn't "fertility in the future" something that's, well, in the future?  For a vaccine that was created roughly a year ago, how could that make "studied extensively" an actual fact?  Have these five- to ten-year-olds had children already?

And what about the recent overwhelming evidence that shows that some menstrual cycles have been altered after women have taken the vaccines?

When the PSA announcement states, "There is no evidence," is that the same as the left insisting there was "no evidence" of voter fraud in "the most secure election" of 2020?  I'm pretty sure that if you don't even look for evidence, there's a 100% guarantee that you won't find any.

What to do?  For starters, if you're on a New York City subway — or any means of public transportation in any leftist-run city — and you see a bald-faced lying PSA like this one, I suggest you get off at the very first stop called "Pushback."

Albin Sadar is producer of The Eric Metaxas Show, heard daily on over 300 stations coast to coast on the Salem Radio Network.

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