In Biden's America, some protesters are more equal than others

In George Orwell's Animal Farm, the famous allegorical novella about Stalin's Soviet Union, two pigs begin a revolution by announcing that "all animals are equal."  However, as they become increasingly powerful and start perceiving enemies around them, that slogan changes to the now famous "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."  When it comes to equality before the law, events in federal courts in D.C. and Portland establish that violent leftist animals are way more equal than the conservative animals arrested for events on January 6.

Beginning after George Floyd died while in police custody (apparently sticking fentanyl up your derrière, while ingesting multiple other drugs and having advanced heart disease, isn't good for you), violent riots swept America.  While these riots crested and then died off in most Democrat-run cities, Portland was different.  In Portland, in addition to attacking ordinary people on the streets, Antifa members engaged in full-fledged warfare against federal and state government buildings and federal and state law enforcement officers (LEOs).  The protesters tried to set buildings on fire and attacked LEOs with rocks, bottles, biological weapons (urine and feces), mortars, lasers, and flames.

Meanwhile, on January 6, actors who were probably associated with the FBI made it impossible for people drifting over from the peaceful Trump rally (which was ongoing at the time) to know they were entering onto areas that were made off-limits for the day or to know that they shouldn't enter the Capitol.  Most people involved peacefully walked through the Capitol, and no one at all has been charged with insurrection.  The police weren't so peaceful for they brutally beat people in the Capitol tunnels and shot Ashli Babbitt to death.

Those caught up in events on January 6 have been denied bail, kept in inhuman conditions for almost a year by a jailor who boasts about how much she hates them, and have been given extraordinarily harsh penalties for charges that essentially boil down to trespassing.  Those who have appeared in court were forced to recant in Maoist-style struggle sessions.

Image: Joshua Warner.  Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.

Things are different, though, if you're a member of Antifa who was part of the non-stop violence in Portland.  Or at least that's the case if you're Joshua Warner, a so-called "transgender man" who is also an Antifa activist charged with repeatedly assaulting officers.  In that case, you're let off with virtually no punishment at all:

Portland Antifa rioter charged last year with assaulting police officers has had a federal case dropped after completing 30 hours of community service, according to court documents.

Eva Warner of Beaverton, Oregon, who police said was also known as Joshua Warner, was charged in September 2020 with felony civil disorder.

On the evening of August 8, 2020, authorities declared a riot at the Portland Police Association office on North Lombard Street in Portland after Antifa members broke windows and set fire to the office. The rioters had also used vehicles and Dumpsters to illegally block traffic, according to the Justice Department.

Warner wasn't peacefully wandering around, admiring government buildings.  Instead, he tried to blind LEOs with a high-powered laser and then violently resisted arrest.  He was promptly released without bail, only to be arrested a second time for second-degree criminal mischief after he was involved in another riot.  Once again, he was released without bail.  He immediately participated in another protest, including interfering with a police officer, and was again arrested and again released without bail.  The U.S. Marshals finally caught up with him and arrested him, after which he was again released without bail.

On December 21, the federal acting U.S. attorney in Oregon made known the government's preferred disposition of Warner's case.  Prosecutors could have asked for a five-year prison sentence; demanded that Warner recant his loyalty to Antifa, a fascist, Marxist organization; or insisted that Warner should be used as an example against someone who engaged in repeated violence and tried to blind LEOs.  But Scott Eric Asphaug didn't do any of that.  Instead,

[t]he government moves the Court for an Order under Fed. R. Crim. P. Rule 48(a) to dismiss with prejudice the indictment against Defendant, in the best interests of justice. Defendant has successfully complied with the terms of the Deferred Resolution Agreement, including performing at least 30 hours of community service.

The U.S. District Court judge, Michael H. Simon, an Obama appointee, thought that was a fine idea.

Without equal justice before the law, you don't have a constitutional, free, democratic republic.  Instead, you have a tin-pot tyranny, which, in this case, is governed by a man who is either a demented clown in Depends or a Machiavellian operator hiding behind befuddlement but is, either way, a truly bad human being.

The new year is our last chance to push back.  If Democrats retake Congress in 2024, we're looking at the future: a favored class of violent leftist animals who are way more equal than almost entirely peaceful constitutional-conservative animals.

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