Antifa celebrates the new year by trashing downtown Portland

The invaluable Andy Ngô was out late on New Year's Eve.  He wasn't partying, though.  Instead, he was documenting Antifa's continued assault on Portland's government and business infrastructures.  In a mad night of rioting, Antifa smashed windows, tried to burn down buildings, and routed the remnants of the defunded police department.  The one good thing that came out of the riots was that Portland's feckless mayor finally acknowledged that Antifa exists.

This has been such an action-packed year that it's a little hard to think back to the summer, when Antifa was garnering headlines in conservative publications because of its urban warfare in multiple Democrat-run cities, especially Portland.  Democrat outlets completely ignored the subject, keeping readers and viewers in the dark about the way in which so-called "Anti-fascists" engaged in completely fascist conduct.  Instead, Democrat bureaucrats and politicians kept insisting that Antifa existed only in conservatives' fevered imaginations.

Fired FBI director Christopher Wray testified that Antifa is "not a group or an organization.  It's a movement or an ideology."  The various Antifa organizations, such as Rose City Antifa, must have gotten quite a laugh about that type of gaslighting.

Biden's addled brain later ran with Wray's nonsensical statement.  During the September 29 presidential debate, Biden announced that Trump was wrong to claim that Antifa is a problem, because "[h]is own FBI director said ... Antifa is an idea, not an organization."

Even someone as far gone as Biden should have understood that ideas do not riot for months, blind law enforcement officers with lasers, throw dangerous projectiles, try to burn buildings, or engage in any other violent activity.  Organized people — such as Antifa — do that kind of thing.

But the Democrats had their narrative, and they were sticking to it.  According to Democrat gnome Jerry Nadler, the claim that Antifa was committing acts of violence was a "myth."

On New Year's Eve in Portland, the human embodiments of that Antifa idea were back to their old tricks.  They were aided by the fact that, in June, Portland substantially defunded the police, leaving them sadly outnumbered.

Andy Ngô was out there, too, documenting the domestic terrorism they visited on the downtown area, as well as aggregating videos and news reports from others documenting the mayhem.  Here are just a few of his tweets:

One good thing did emerge from the night's violence.  Mayor Ted Wheeler, a leftist who had assiduously avoided admitting that his city was under siege, finally admitted that Antifa exists:

I guess you could call that progress.

Leftist politicians encouraged the violence in their streets because of the election.  They wanted Trump and everyone else to know that if the election does not go their way, their minions will destroy American cities even more than they already have.  Wise American voters ignored this mobster blackmail and turned out in record numbers for Trump, only to be undone by even more record fraud.

The problem is that when you unleash these forces, you can't stop them.  With Trump theoretically leaving the White House, the riots should have stopped, but evil, once ascendant, never just walks away.

If the Supreme Court justices are trying to shepherd Biden into the White House despite massive and provable fraud because they believe that doing so will end violence, they need to pay attention to Portland and change their tactics.  Violence will escalate under a weak presidency.  The only thing that can return order to America is a president who believes in law and order — and that's not Corrupt Joe Biden.

Image: Antifa Riot Announcement.  Twitter screen grab.