Ain't hidin' it: De Blasio hoofs it up at Times Square on New Year's Eve after banning all New Yorkers

After putting on a big show of shutting Times Square down for New Year's Eve and telling New Yorkers that staying home is better, Mayor Bill de Blasio was out hoofing it up with his wife in the square:

Basically, he converted the ball-dropping event into his own private party, and he expected all of the New Yorkers to watch him instead, beating their mittens to applaud.  Like some kind of Dear Leader.

This is beyond disgusting.  De Blasio's administration ordered the shutdown with a ton of usual pieties.  According to AMNY:

Chief Monahan explained that like everyone else, the NYPD looks forward to the celebrations and is disappointed with an empty Times Square, but this year has been nothing short of unprecedented. "We're asking for everyone's help this year. Stay at home with your family. Let's put 2020 in the rear-view mirror and welcome 2021 with the hope that we can all soon start to celebrate together in a COVID free New York City, and let's all look forward to a tremendous Times Square Party to welcome in 2022." 

 But de Blasio was out there, carving out an exception for himself, and not even trying to hide it.

Other blue-state mayors and governors were caught breaking their own social-distancing mores — caught, that is, in flagrante delicto — but this guy flung it in New Yorkers' faces.

And the mask — did you notice the mask?  He was wearing it to dance with a woman he presumably lives with.  You don't wear masks for people like that, and no one else was anywhere near less than six feet away.  The useless mask was for show. 

New Yorkers love to come out to Times Square to see the ball drop — I've done it myself when there were lots of extra measures to ensure no terrorism in the early aughts.  Yes, it's crowded, and yes, it might have made sense in the season of heavy COVID infection to shut it all down.  But for the mayor of the city to brazenly break the rules, effectively holding a private party for himself to dance, and put the cameras out to make sure everyone saw it, and then publish it in his own official tweet, is absolutely appalling.

It does tell us one thing: that social distancing rules are for the little people, and the privileged political few are going to do as they please, effectively declaring everyone else chumps.  That's the essence of leftism, a nomenklatura elite, exempt from all the rules they impose on others, and don't think that communism-exposed de Blasio doesn't know it.  De Blasio is incapable of shame and was doing this as a means of conditioning New Yorkers to understand that two sets of rules are what they are going to be obliged to live by if socialism is to be achieved.

This won't go over well with New Yorkers.  This clown deserves to be run out on a rail.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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