'Mostly peaceful' Antifa and BLM protesters almost beat a man to death

Something awful happened in Portland.  The "mostly peaceful" protesters who we were assured would leave the moment Trump pulled federal law enforcement officers from the federal courthouse tried to beat a man to death.

This is what happens when Antifa and BLM run riot in the streets.  They are socialist terrorist groups, and they are doing what Hitler's brownshirts and Mussolini's black-clad militia did in the 1920s and 1930s: taking control of the cities from the streets through murderous mob violence and political intimidation.

This seems to be the chronology: the BLM and Antifa mob had beaten a white, homeless, transgender person and then stolen that person's longboard.  A man in a blue t-shirt and black shorts — a decent human being — tried to help the victim:

You can see in this video (strong language warning) that the black people standing around have oozing contempt and hatred for white people:

The man who tried to help then got back into his white truck, but the mob weren't done with him.  They attacked the truck, causing it to crash.  Once it crashed, both Antifa and BLM members pulled the man out of the truck.  They first humiliated him, and then they brutally beat him, a beating that ended with a kick in the head that sent his head smashing into the pavement.  It's nauseating stuff, so, again, a strong content warning:

There were rumors that the man had died, but as of this writing, it appears that he's still unconscious.

This is leftism.  This is what it does.  This is what it did in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, Cuba, China, and North Korea.  On the surface, in academia and newsrooms, it's about fairness, equitable redistribution, and social justice.  On the street, it's mob violence that almost beats to death a brave man who got out of his car to help a traumatized person who had been beaten and robbed.

And here's the crucial thing to remember: no Democrat, not in the media; not in local politics; and not in Washington, D.C., has said a word to condemn the violence, destruction, and death that Antifa and BLM bring with them wherever they go.  On the first night of the Democrats' fake convention, no one, from Michelle Obama on down, spent a moment calling for prayer for the victim or urging Antifa and BLM mobsters to stop the violence.  Instead, Michelle had the chutzpah and indecency to accuse Donald Trump of fomenting "chaos" and having "a lack of empathy."

These are deeply ugly people, and what's happening in America's Democrat-run cities is a preview of coming attractions.  The fine speeches cannot cover up the stench and ugliness of what their foot soldiers are doing.  The Democrat mainstream media are trying to downplay this, but we shouldn't.

Remember: Unless Trump wins in a landslide in November, the mob will redouble its efforts.  Whether you're in a red state or a blue, vote as if your life depends on it...because it does.

Image: A photograph taken in the aftermath of 1938's Kristallnacht in Germany, when Hitler used his foot soldiers to take complete control over Germany and sound the death knell for Jews.  Except for the old-fashioned clothes, that photograph could be in any Democrat city that's given free rein to Antifa and BLM.  At least 91 Jews died.  (Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1970-083-42 / CC-BY-SA 3.0.)

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