COVID paranoia highlights the terrible damage leftism does to women

One of the least pleasant discoveries of the COVID era is how many politicians who once seemed perfectly happy working within democratic systems — whether our constitutional democratic republic or the various forms of soft socialism seen in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand — turned out to have inner totalitarians that leaped at the chance to exercise power.  Another unpleasant discovery has been the many people — invariably on the political left — who have abandoned all semblance of normalcy in their efforts to avoid a virus that, for people under 65, has an average mortality rate of less than 1%.  One funny, sad tweet embodies this retreat from normalcy.

There is a woman on Twitter — "Dana (Not Scully) @telefeminism" — who describes herself this way: "Using data to track equity on TV | Advocate for representation in media, under the law, & at the ballot box  (she/her) | Not a medical doctor."  Dana recently posted that she was about to board a flight and described the steps she intended to take to avoid "f------ around with Omicron."  As a reminder, this COVID variant, to date, has claimed only one American life, a man with serious comorbidities.

Dana's plans to avoid infection struck some as excessive, especially considering that she seems to be relatively young (that is, not in the high-risk COVID group):

What I find most amusing about that entire get-up, aside from the fact that the surgical tape sealing the N95 mask seems like a recipe for hypoxia, is that she made the effort, behind the glasses and face shield, to put on some pretty eyeliner.  She may look like a clown, but "she/her" is a feminine, pretty clown.

In a later tweet, Dana explains that her godson, whom she is visiting, is immuno-compromised, but that still doesn't seem to explain her level of protection.  After all, before suddenly bringing up the godson, Dana had tweeted that not only is she protecting herself, but she's a generally good COVID citizen:

Her earlier tweets also display a high level of mask paranoia that seems separate from her concern about her godson:

Dana's political orientation seems clear when she blames Republicans (I assume those are the "idiots" whom she mentions) for Elizabeth Warren's COVID infection.  It doesn't seem to bother Dana that Warren always parades in her mask and has had at least three jabs:

Considering that Dana is definitely part of the CNN demographic, I guess she missed the moment when the incredibly woke, politically correct Leana Wen, M.D., a former, albeit short-lived, head of Planned Parenthood, said most masks are pure theater:

Conservatives, of course, have known this fact for almost two years.  Cloth masks are the equivalent of using a chain-link fence to keep out mosquitoes.  When it comes to viruses, N95 masks are somewhat better, but, considering that people reuse them repeatedly, their value too is compromised.

My suspicion about Dana (Not Scully) is that she started out life as an intelligent, high-strung, slightly neurotic, but sane and normal young woman.  Then she went to college, where she was indoctrinated in the hardcore leftism that seems to take a special toll on young White women.  Some of these women manage to shake off the indoctrination once they leave college.  Others never do.  They go through life angry, emotionally fragile, paranoid, and incredibly self-satisfied, so armored in their narcissism that it is impossible to break through to them.

In other words, COVID didn't make Dana crazy; leftism did — but COVID's sure doing a good job of showing just how damaging leftism is for women.  It's all terribly sad.

Image: Screen grab of Dana (Not Scully)'s tweet.

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