Biden tries to play doctor, commits triage malpractice

Medical triage is necessary when there are insufficient medical resources to meet all immediate patient needs in a specific location.  When three soldiers are bleeding out after a battle and there is only one surgeon on site, that doctor must decide who gets care first.  The same is true when there are three COVID patients in respiratory failure and only enough ivermectin for one.

A recent announcement by "Doctor" President Biden turns triage upside-down: he is taking medical care away from those who need it and offering care where it is not required.

Biden announced that he is transferring 1,000 military doctors and nurses to various civilian hospitals in order to facilitate vaccinations in light of the rapid spread of the omicron variant of COVID-19.  A real doctor would call this triage malpractice.

Early data clearly shows that omicron is highly contagious and also not hazardous to public health.  The CDC reports that 73 percent of all new COVID cases are omicron.  Yet there has been only one death in the whole USA.  That man was in the high-risk group — i.e., he had serious pre-existing medical conditions.  Furthermore, unless and until his autopsy data are released, we don't know if he died because of COVID damage or because of his pre-existing condition while the COVID antigen was simply in his blood.

Omicron was first reported in South Africa, and, therefore, they have the best, admittedly short-term, clinical information there.  Their data and our experience suggest that omicron is much less hazardous to health than the delta variant, which in turn was less medically damaging than the original COVID. 

In other words, COVID is behaving like other viruses.  As it mutates, it becomes more contagious and less impactful with each new strain.  So why do our president-wannabe-doctor and his bureaucrat-with-M.D. mouthpiece, Anthony Fauci, warn us that this winter will be a "season of illness and death" unless we follow their draconian mandates, especially vaccination and multiple boosters?  Why is Biden gearing up to respond to omicron as if it were Ebola?

Biden and Fauci do this to keep the COVID scam, their big con, going.  They hype up Americans' fear so they can justify their authoritarian, in fact dictatorial, mandates and actions.

The reason there is an insufficient number of health care workers is that thousands have been fired for believing "my body, my choice."  They chose not to be injected with experimental gene therapy called mRNA technology and were willing to pay the penalty for exercising their medical freedom during Biden's time of medical tyranny.

Our veterans are literally dying while waiting in line for medical care.  An internal audit by the V.A. Office of Inspector General concluded that "47,000 veterans may have died" waiting for medical care that did not come in time to save them.  By transferring care providers out of military facilities, the president is doing the opposite of proper medical triage.  He takes away care providers from those who desperately need them to give care to those who do not need it at all.

Can our veterans sue the president for malpractice or at least practicing (bad) medicine without a license?  Lord knows they meet the legal definition of "standing": injury in fact due to action of another.

Deane Waldman, M.D., MBA is professor emeritus of pediatrics, pathology, and decision science; former director of the Center for Healthcare Policy at Texas Public Policy Foundation; former director, New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange; and author of the multi-award-winning book Curing the Cancer in U.S. HealthcareStatesCare and Market-Based Medicine.  

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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