Biden's speech had one point and one point only: Get vaccinated

On Tuesday, Biden gave a COVID speech that essentially revolved around a single point: get vaccinated.  The unvaccinated are going to die and make everyone else miserable, so do your duty and get the experimental jab.  However, there are some indications that Biden's got it completely bass-ackwards.

Because I dislike listening to Biden's speeches, with their halting, repetitive presentation and his strange whispers and shouts, I usually read the White House transcripts.  This particular White House manuscript includes an opening statement that Biden himself did not say.  Instead, it seems to be the official theme:

The longer the virus is around, the more likely variants form that may be deadlier than the ones that have come before.

This theme is a reason to push for more vaccines, even though the omicron variant seems to be particularly mild and may be the best natural vaccination available.

I went hunting for information about that theme and found something interesting.  For around a hundred years, the generally accepted principle about viruses, which Theobald Smith, a pioneering epidemiologist, articulated, is that they are subject to "the law of declining virulence," which sees them enter into a fairly benign relationship with humans over time.  However, since COVID, that principle is suddenly being challenged.

There is one good reason to question the principle's applicability to COVID right off the bat, and that's the fact that COVID is not a naturally occurring virus.  The Chinese, with help from Tony Fauci, engineered it in a lab, so it may have different long-term properties.  However, the omicron variant, which is highly contagious but incredibly mild (there's only been one confirmed American death to date in a man with significant comorbidities), certainly seems to confirm Smith's rule.

But as I said, in a COVID era, all sorts of publications from pro-vaccine types insist that viruses actually get more virulent so nobody should assume COVID will go away without human intervention.  However, if you read the articles warning against "the law of declining virulence," you might notice that most of the examples of viruses that became more virulent did so because of human intervention:

Some examples of viruses that became more deadly over time include those that developed drug resistant variants, and animal viruses such as bird flu, which were harmless to humans initially but then mutated to become capable of killing people, according to Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins University's Center for Health Security.

"Flu viruses have developed resistance to certain antivirals that make them more difficult to treat, and therefore make them more deadly," Adalja said, also noting the same has happened with HIV and certain Hepatitis C strains.

Another example offered is Marek's disease in chickens, but that virus became deadly only because humans introduced an experimental mRNA "vaccine."

Image: The theme of Biden's speech.  White House transcript.

In other words, it seems that when it comes to viruses, if you treat the symptoms (say, with ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine), the virus may well naturally decline in virulence as it reoccurs in the population.  However, if you seek to manipulate the virus, it may well become more virulent.  And that, says Daniel Horowitz, is exactly what's happening — not among the unvaccinated, as Biden's boring, accusatory speech proclaimed, but among the vaccinated (who are particularly vulnerable to omicron):

We have always known that leaky vaccines have the potential to create viral enhancement, but the recent data is unmistakable. At the same time, the COVID cultists are panicking over an emerging variant that actually might be the mildest of all while mainly affecting the vaccinated....


Typically, viruses mutate down and become less virulent. Last year, there was much less built up immunity, we had fewer treatment options, and we had zero vaccines. It is nearly impossible to ignore the fact that the narrow-spectrum leaky vaccine has made the virus much worse.

If you go to Horowitz's article, he has significant data showing that virus cases have increased since the vaccine came along.

I'm not a doctor, and I'm not offering medical advice.  I simply find it interesting that Biden's overarching message uncannily reflects the fact that leaky vaccines (unlike the smallpox vaccine, which was so impenetrable that it ended smallpox) fall into the category of "the more you use, the more you get."  And when we finally seem to have the good luck of a weak virus that's a natural vaccination, the Biden administration is trying desperately to erase its benefit and keep us on the path of leaky vaccinations that seem destined to create more virulent COVID strains.

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