Biden's White House discriminates against African reporter merely for doing his job

"America is back," proclaimed Joe Biden as he gathered with world leaders earlier this June, at the G-7 summit.

French president Emmanuel Macron rather unsubtly declared that "it's great to have a U.S. president who is part of the club and very willing to cooperate."

If you followed the Democrats in the media and beyond, you wouldn't be blamed for believing that upon occupying the White House, Biden would instantly transform the hell they claimed President Trump left behind into heaven.

A great deal was made about democratic values and dignity for people "of color" and other minorities being restored.

Biden himself claimed, "'Everybody is entitled to be treated with decency and dignity." 

Then reality hit everybody.

Following the disastrous U.S. Afghanistan pullout, which left U.S. allies in the dark, Macron was among the first to be individually antagonized.  Australia withdrew from a multi-billion-dollar defense deal with France and struck a new defense deal with the U.S. and U.K., shutting France out.  Macron was understandably livid.

The rest of the promises melted into thin air as Biden waded from one catastrophe to another, ruining everything, from the U.S. economy to watching crime soar in U.S. cities to the border disintegrating into an unlocked gate.

What about respecting democratic values? 

Parents protesting against their children being indoctrinated with left-wing propaganda were branded as domestic terrorists.  Political opponents are being imprisoned in solitary confinement for participating in a protest.

An already obsequious mainstream media establishment was ordered to prostrate into total submission by covering Biden more favorably.

But this ignominious list of assaults on democracy keeps growing.

The latest victim is Simon Ateba, a White House correspondent for Today News Africa, a news organization that covers U.S.-Africa relations.

A few weeks ago, following the emergence of the omicron COVID variant after an announcement from a medical researcher in South Africa, the Biden administration imposed a travel ban on eight southern African countries including South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, and Malawi.  

That issue is significant to the African countries penalized because 57 countries have reported cases of the omicron variant.  Some of the sanctioned African countries are not among them.  But those countries' nationals were banned from entry to the U.S. merely because South African scientists discovered omicron.  To Africans, the whole thing was illogical.  After all, a variant being identified by a scientist in one country doesn't mean that the virus originated in that country.  As we now know, omicron has found its way across the world.  

The ban was illogical and unscientific.

If there had to be a ban, it should have been applicable to all 57 foreign countries where the variant was present, which is a questionable thing in itself, given that the mild variant is alive and well and spreading in the States anyway.

Simon Ateba rightly challenged White House press secretary Jennifer Psaki about the travel ban and even got into a verbal tussle with her when he suggested that the ban was racist since the omicron variant of COVID-19 has now been confirmed in 57 countries.

For attempting to sow discord in the White House echo chamber also known as the press room, a displeased Psaki shut him down and attempted to move on to another correspondent in the room, even as Ateba persisted in trying to get an answer.

Psaki offered denials of any punishment to African nations, but it was pablum.  Ateba continued to interrupt Psaki and other briefing guests such as the White House's chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Orwell once said that "speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act."

By following the ethics of journalism, holding the powerful accountable, and persisting until satisfactory explanations were offered, Ateba was merely doing his job.

But in an era of perpetually slobbering news media, Ateba's conduct was seen as an act of rebellion.

So there was more to come.

Simon Ateba went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to talk about his ordeal.

This was obviously too much for Psaki to tolerate.  First, Ateba dared to challenge her and Dr. Fauci.  Then he appeared on TV alongside Tucker Carlson, who in her mind is the second worst person in the world after President Trump.

Ateba was punished.

Last Friday, Ateba returned on Tucker Carlson Tonight to provide details about his punishment.

"Since I came on your show two weeks ago, I've not been called on at the White House to ask any questions.  I've raised my hand many times.  Some people told me it was a really bad idea to have come on this show and I shouldn't have come and I don't really know what happened ... and I've come now for a second time."

"We [Today News Africa] rely on subscriptions and donations.  It is expensive to go to the White House and not have any questions [answered] because of coming on shows or trying to point out that the reason the Biden administration banned only African nations over the omicron variant, it wasn't based on any science. It was based on a lie."

Mr. Ateba has also pointed out that African reporters were not allowed to ask questions when African leaders visited the White House.

These bans are a frontal assault on the freedom of the press.  It is ironic that this is occurring at the heart of U.S. democracy — i.e., the White House press room in Washington.

If they had any ethics, the entire press would have walked out and refused to participate in the press briefings until Mr. Ateba was allowed to speak his mind and challenge the Biden administration's baseless travel ban.  They would have castigated the White House for punishing Ateba merely for appearing on a show that is critical of the Biden administration.

If they had any morals, the likes of Joy Reid, Al Sharpton, and BLM, who cannot stop talking about race, would have made a great deal of noise that a non-white person is being silent for challenging the White House's discriminatory policies against non-white people.

But nothing of the kind happened.

There was not even a new espresso machine sponsored by Tom Hanks urging Ateba to "Keep up the good fight for truth, justice, and the American way."

Apart from Fox News, few have covered this disgraceful de facto ban on Mr. Ateba.

We all know what the reaction would have been if such actions had been taken by President Trump's press secretary.

This should come as no surprise.  Since their party was founded in 1829, the Democrats have had a history of discrimination against non-white people.

They defended slavery, which caused the Civil War.  They founded the Ku Klux Klan.  They imposed segregation.  They perpetrated lynching, and they fought the civil rights acts of the 1960s.

This is systemic racism.

This is a totalitarian cult that respects only those who follow orders and adhere to groupthink.  No dissenters are allowed.  If the dissenter happens to be a non-white person, he is the recipient of the most vicious of racist attacks.

Just recall how conservative African-Americans such as Larry Elder, Candace Owens, Winsome Sears, and Herman Cain have been treated.

To sum it up, the White House seems to have followed the Democrat record of systemic racism by doing the following:

• Impose travel ban on countries populated mostly by non-white people.

• Silence a non-white journalist for valid questions about the racist travel ban.

• Block African reporters from asking questions when any African leader visits the White House.

These are a continuation of the Democrat's dubious record of systemic bigotry and totalitarianism.

Unfortunately, most African-Americans who have been brainwashed to vote Democrats will never know of this since it is barely covered.

Image: Screenshot from shareable Fox News video.

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