Vermont food shelf refuses contribution from GOP

Vermont's first "Let's Go Brandon!" event attracted a large LGB crowd.  The November 13 gathering, organized by State GOP chair Paul Dame, was accompanied by torrential rain.  Yet the jubilant crowd danced like patriotic Whos in Whoville, despite the grinchy disapprovals of the usual social justice suspects. 

A group of rainbow-clad anti-protesters gathered earlier in the day to blockade the town gazebo, despite the GOP having reserved the space for the event.  As the rain fell, counter-protesters blasted loud music, rudely blocked members of the LGB community who were holding liberty signs and American flags, and danced in Dionysian delirium.

The counter-display sputtered.  Far outnumbered by freedom-rejoicing Americans exhilarated that MSM propaganda is coming unraveled, the effort to disrupt the civil GOP event with an alternate "Brandon Pride" message was soggier than a Democrat's kerchief after Donald Trump handed Hillary her handbag.

The feeble attempt to intimidate patriots exposed the consistent hypocrisy of the social justice "movement."  One agitator walked among the GOP group with a provocative sign to jut into their faces with the true mono-party sentiment: "F--- the GOP!"  (Subtlety is so lacking these barbarian days.)

To complement this collective display, the local food shelf flew into quite a partisan tizzy that the GOP unilaterally planned to donate part of the LGB Event proceeds to the Brandon Food Shelf:

"I had no knowledge of it, nobody said a word to me, nobody asked me about it, nobody made any suggestions or, I had no knowledge," said Kathy Mathis, director of the Brandon Area Food Shelf, on Wednesday…

"It annoys me that they went ahead and did this without even contacting the food shelf itself," said Mathis. "And I understand their intentions are good but nevertheless, blowing it up on social media as a Republican big event, it looks to me as if, and to anybody who's reading it, it looks like the Brandon Area Food Shelf supports the Republican Party, and I resent that."

It's likely Ms. Mathis would gladly accept funds raised at a Drag Queen Library Hour for kiddies, or a BLM rally.  Yet she treats GOP funds as leprous.  The moralizing of the morally relativized mind is always a murky venture, but in this case, a (non-indoctrinated) young child can easily discern the absurdity.

Though not illegal for either donor or donee, the decision in Brandon to refuse LGB help for local poor people was justified thusly:

"I would [accept it] if it wasn't advertised as a Republican event because we could use the money, and I'm cutting my nose off to spite my face, but in the long run I feel I have to stand my ground," she said.

(Actually, it would seem she is cutting off someone else's stomach, and nothing of her own.  Does she "feel" she must stand on their graves as her ground?).

The false furor from the fumed food shelf fanatic reveals that the Brandon Food Shelf is itself overtly partisan.  It may be that wealthy Brandon denizens one day face food shortages or even starvation because of errant policies that seed runaway inflation and economic decline.  Elitists' "let them eat cake!" dismissals of the very real suffering of the poor and homeless in this case contrast markedly with their "universal right to healthy food for all" weaponization against conservatives.

Homelessness and hunger promise a steadily growing crisis in Vermont — blamed by liberals on capitalism while they dismantle the economy and bloat bureaucracy.  This opportunistic scourge is killing the peasantry, which was the motivation for the food donation drive:

Fliers for the event, shared earlier this week on the state Republican party's social media channels, said a portion of merchandise sales would benefit the Brandon Area Food Shelf, "Because this Thanksgiving under #Biden could be the most expensive EVER!"

The GOP event sought to create something good out of a frighteningly incompetent presidency; the far-left Food Shelf rebuffed something unquestionably good as evil.  Par for the course in upside-down "social justice" land. 

Perhaps the Brandon Food Shelf doesn't provide food to homeless conservatives — unless Kathy Mathis "has no knowledge of it."  It would be best for sufferers of poverty to keep silent when she's around if they want to eat. 

Image: VTGOP.

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