Coming soon to a city near you: the Democrat Purge

In the horror movie The Purge, the U.S. government annually gives its citizens a 12-hour period in which to commit any and all crimes with no consequences. The only thing the filmmakers missed in predicting today's Democrat Party stance on rioting, arson, and anarchy in the streets is the time frame.

Twelve hours isn't nearly enough time to properly riot, silly!

You need at least a weekend for sufficient criminality.  I mean, those Molotov cocktails don't construct themselves.

Sometimes you need weeks to get all the rage out of your system, like in Minneapolis, or even months, like those slowpokes in Seattle.  To paraphrase Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the former mayor of Baltimore, anarchists need sufficient time in which to destroy.

And the Democrat Purge isn't only an annual event.  No, it can happen any time a cop shoots a black man, justified or not, or any time leftists get a court verdict they don't like.

And they certainly won't be liking the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha, Wis.

Any remotely fair person who's followed the trial and watched videos of the incident can easily see two things: the despicable mainstream media, as usual, lied their butts off about what actually occurred in a ham-handed attempt to please their Democrat masters.  And the prosecutors, likewise looking to curry favor with the left, never had a case for murder — this was clearly a case of self-defense.

Best-case scenario for the partisan prosecutors: A craven jury may convict Rittenhouse on a lesser charge to avoid facing the rabid mob themselves.

But whether Rittenhouse is found innocent or guilty of a minor crime, anarchists, race-hustlers, loony leftists, and sundry miscreants of all stripes will dependably lose their Schiff when the verdict's read and scream for blood.

And the Democrats in charge of things will, in so many words, declare a Purge and let their constituents spill just as much blood as they like.  The police will be told to stand down and watch, and to their discredit, they will.

Block highways?  Detain, abuse, or even assault drivers?  No problemo during a Purge.

Torch buildings, cars, and stores, even police stations, at will?  Social justice, baby!

Beat up innocents, throw bricks, spit on cops?  Go ahead — during a Purge, it's Democrat-sanctioned.

Every crime imaginable is allowed during such times: arson, assault, homicide, destruction of property, grand theft, and vandalism on an industrial scale.  The only thing Dems won't allow during a Purge is protecting your property and yourself, hence the absurd Rittenhouse trial.

If you, unfortunately, live in a Democrat-run city, you're about to experience a violent, lawless period where absolutely anything goes and nothing, nothing will happen to the perps.  The cops will just watch, and the FBI's too busy going after Trump-supporters.

Sadly, something may very well happen to your home, your business, your loved ones, or even your incisors!

Perhaps this is a good time for that trip to Florida you and the family have been talking about.  Soak in the sun, watch the palm trees sway, have a piña colada or two, and wait patiently for the Democrat-run Purge to end.

Image: Piqsels.

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