Brandon, Vermont will be celebrating 'Let's Go Brandon' on Saturday

On November 13, Vermonters will gather in the idyllic town of Brandon to rally around the "Let's Go Brandon!" theme sweeping America.  As this populist recoil against the arrogant tyranny of the Biden administration gains momentum, it is clear that the phrase conveys not mere irritation with a politician, but also opposes the leftists' and media's (but I repeat myself) surreal dissembling, for they created this derisive mantra.

"Let's Go Brandon!" perpetually reminds us that the media will go to perverse extremes to warp truth and reality to promote their pernicious ideology.  Hating America so very much that lies are a knee-jerk reaction, the media are their own death knell — truth will always defeat fear.  And what Democrats fear is truth.

Thus, the truth that a crowd was cheering against Joe Biden was torturously morphed into a positive chant for a racecar driver.  That effort became a new truth, distinct from the Biden/Harris fiascos — and one the media are unable, as of yet, to defeat.

Satire is truth wrapped in humor, but the left cannot stomach either: "Let's Go Brandon!" doses them to the core with their own hypocrisy while obliterating any hope to "redeem" themselves.  It is thus more than apropos that a town named Brandon would celebrate its hometown positives by chanting the negatives this slogan connotes.

Brandon resident and recently elected Vermont GOP chair Paul Dame organized the event to celebrate the Town while compelling a public conversation about lying partisan media.  He explained:

It's been a stand-in. One of the reasons there has been momentum behind this phrase "Let's Go Brandon!" ... [I]f it was just about being upset with the President it would've faded out pretty quickly. But I think it taps into the fact that people feel like they're not being heard, not being represented, that they're being glossed over and lost, and especially in political considerations.

With the Hunter and Ashley Biden cover-ups in mind, perhaps there will be rallies in other towns: "Let's Go Hunter!" has 18 U.S. localities from which to choose; 15 possible for a "Let's Go Ashley!" rally.

More likely, rallies incorporating this populist Brandon chant will crop up in towns not named Brandon — perhaps towns named Washington (88 of those!) or in the 41 Springfields or 35 Franklins.  (Vermont has all three!)  There is no clearer rallying cry for the rising populist revolt against America's rising totalitarianism than the one furnished by the liberal media: "Let's Go Brandon!"

Image: Internet meme.  Unknown origin.

Americans completely understand how "Let's Go Brandon!" exposes the progressive farce.  The phrase goes beyond Biden to touch Ibram Kendi, AOC, Anthony Fauci, and Kamala Harris, and other leftist running jokes.  This is why satire eviscerates leftists — their falsehood cannot endure even casual analysis:

"It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it," G.K. Chesterton observed more than 100 years ago. The Laughing Prophet, as he was known, pointed out that people who are secure in their beliefs need not fear mockery. It's those with shaky doctrines who can't tolerate laughter. Today's political radicals hold their views with the fervor of a religion, and by Chesterton's measure they're rather weak creeds.

How will leftists respond to the "Let's Go Brandon!" message that they cannot silence?  Will it say "OK, you got us: the crowd was really chanting their disapprobation of President Biden" or maybe "OK, we concede that the reporter who manipulated the outcry was dishonest."  Either of those simple truths would constitute a confession of doing something wrong.  The SJW cult is bent on saddling others with heretical sins, never repenting of its own.

Whether it's race, climate change, women's "rights," transgender identities and sexual orientation, or immigration "reform," the woke set does not tolerate dissent from its unearned moral superiority.  Its juvenile creed has not matured past "all conservatives evil; all progressives good."  It is thus not within their naive weaponization of identity and victimhood to perceive that they might be oppressors; that they might be capable of doing evil.

John McWhorter explains the conundrum now faced by the America-hating creed, in Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black America:

We must say no to these people, in quest of a result: An understanding will gradually coalesce among them that they need to step up their game, or better, step it down. A communal realization will set in, after a while even explicitly acknowledged by its unofficial leaders, that shaming isn't working anymore. (p. 182)

"Let's Go Brandon!" is today's "Live Free or Die!"  It's reflected also in the recent Virginia election upset.  This is what it looks like when a population rebels against illegitimate domination.  Americans are waking from the vapid sleep of wokeness.

Let's go to Brandon, Vermont to cry out "Let's Go Brandon!"  Then let's go to every housetop and shout the joke the left can't stomach to the entire world!  We will not go gentle into that dark social justice night: we will chortle instead.

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