The National School Boards Association backs down

At one point, it looked as if Biden's DOJ and FBI were in the catbird seat waging war against parents who dared challenge leftist dominance in schools in the form of school boards authorizing Critical Race Theory, gender madness, and masks on healthy children.  The wheel of fortune has turned, though.  Merrick Garland exposed his ignorance and partisanship before congress, and the National School Boards Association (NSBA) has offered a groveling apology.  It works to push back against ascendant leftism.

The big news week before last was that an organization most people had never heard of — the NSBA — had sent a letter to the White House informing the administration that parents opposing school boards were probably domestic terrorists.  Practically by return mail, Merrick Garland assured the NSBA that the FBI would work with school boards across America to stop this plague.  Parents rightly understood that they were being threatened.

In short order, though, the house of cards that the administration, the NSBA, and the DOJ had constructed began to collapse.  First, we learned that the primary news story to which the NSBA pointed to make its case about domestic terrorism was anything but.  Instead, it was school district terrorism.

A 14-year-old high school girl was sexually assaulted by a cross-dressing boy in the girl's bathroom.  The school refused to call law enforcement against the boy; instead, it called law enforcement to remove her furious father, who was calling the principal names.  The father was eventually able to prove that there was an assault through a rape kit, allowing the sheriff's department to get involved.

At that point, the district swung into self-protection mode.  The superintendent immediately informed the school board about the assault, and then all of them got mass amnesia, leading them to deny any knowledge when later confronted about the assault.  They also transferred the student who committed the assault (and who apparently admitted to the fact) to another school, where he promptly assaulted another girl.

The father went to the Loudoun County School District board meeting to demand accountability.  Instead, the superintendent and the board members lied, saying they knew nothing about the assault.  Additionally, a parent verbally attacked the father.  That's when the cops threw down the anguished and angry father and dragged him out of the room.  Again: This wasn't parental terrorism; this was school district terrorism.

The NSBA's narrative crumbled further when it emerged that the original NSBA letter came not from the NSBA's board, but from the president and CEO, who had consulted with the White House before sending the letter without the board's knowledge or approval.  It was a rogue operation.

Finally, although Merrick Garland squirmed and prevaricated, it emerged that, when he sicced the FBI on parents across America, he hadn't bothered to learn whether there really was an epidemic of parent attacks on school boards.  Maybe he even watched this video:

Had Garland actually investigated, he would have learned that there were parents who used their time at board meetings to harangue board members, but that's free speech, not terrorism.  Garland simply read the letter, had a hazy idea about some news stories, and he was off.

On Friday, the last chapter in this disgusting farce played out when the NSBA's board sent out a letter to its member boards across America apologizing for what had happened and promising that "we are going to do better going forward."

There's a message here and a very clear one: the left has no natural brakes.  It will push as hard as it can to get what it wants.  However, when ordinary Americans stand up and fight, the left will back down.  Remember that both the Bolsheviks and the Nazis were never more than 30% of the population.  They won because the other 70% let them.  We Americans can do better.  It's time to speak up and push back.

And whatever you do, don't forget that the White House was involved in this effort to control America's parents by stigmatizing them as domestic terrorists.  No White House has ever done this before, and no White House should ever be allowed to do it again.

(As an aside, I mentioned yesterday that, in honor of International Pronouns Day, I'm going to apprise you of my daily pronouns for a week or until I get bored.  Today, my pronouns are "Let's Go Brandon" and "Potato."  And no, they don't make sense, but neither do all the other made-up pronouns.)

Image: Merrick Garland testifies before Congress.  YouTube screen grab.

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