The Democrats’ war on women continues unabated

Democrats insist that they are the women’s party. They have phalanxes of women at pro-abortion events, showcase them as pink-hatted marches against Trump, celebrate them as shrieking harridans against both Kavanaugh and cops, and paraded their congresswomen as symbolically white-clad neo-suffragettes whenever Trump appeared in Congress. However, what’s become very clear of late is that the Democrat party despises women. It seeks to erase them, drive them mad, or destroy their very essence. The DOJ’s attack on mothers at school board meetings is only the very latest example of this deep hostility.

What tipped off me and many other women, including hardcore feminists, to the Democrats’ animus to women was their fervent embrace of so-called “transgender women”—that is, men who claim, not just that they like to dress and act like women, but that they are, in fact, actual women. A lot of women who were willing to celebrate Bruce Jenner’s emergence as “Caitlyn,” were less thrilled when Glamour magazine awarded him its “Woman of the Year” award. At the time, Germaine Greer spoke up about this erasure of actual women but most people kept silent because they didn’t want to be called “transphobic.”

Since then, a man won the Miss Nevada USA competition because he was apparently more beautiful than any actual woman in the competition; a man named Laurel Hubbard took a woman’s spot on the New Zealand Olympic weight lifting team; The Lancet, a once-respected medical journal, referred to women as “bodies with vaginas;” men have been housed in women’s prisons with predictable results; and I’ve lost count of the number of boys who have destroyed girls’ chances at victory (and scholarships) at high school track meets.

J.K. Rowling, one of the richest, most famous women in the world, is now persona non grata because, while she’s willing to respect a man’s pretend gender, she does not believe that “transgender women” are, in fact, women. For that, she’s referred to as a TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) and the “2SLGBTQQIA+” crowd (to quote Justin Trudeau) has been on a rampage against her for years. They’re now also on a rampage against Dave Chappell for openly supporting Rowling about so-called transgenders—“gender is a fact,” he says with politically incorrect insouciance.

But it’s not just transgenderism that’s the problem. As I pointed out last year during the George Floyd riots, the left has seemingly driven young women—especially college women—completely crazy. (Just peruse the Twitter account called Libs of Tik Tok for a gallery of women who live on paranoia, self-loathing, and delusional fantasies.) Interestingly, none of those screaming harpies leftists ended up facing serious consequences for their crazed and singularly unfeminine behavior.

Things are different when you’re a woman embracing traditional female attributes. There is no behavior that is more female than a mother defending her young. Across all species, the female will react ferociously if she thinks her babies are threatened. One of the first rules of nature is not to get between a bear and her cubs, an alligator and her eggs, or a human mother and her child. This is the most XX chromosomal behavior there is.

Yet this is also the behavior that Biden’s DOJ wants to destroy. Men claiming to be women and invading women’s spaces? Oh, yes! Biden’s even got an executive order for that one.

Women verbally and physically abusing people on the street in support of an ex-felon who died on the street of a drug overdose? You go, girl! Show those men in blue just how evil they are.

But women speaking up to school boards that are telling their White children that they’re evil or their Black children that they’re incompetent, women highlighting pornography on school library shelves, and women objecting to masks that impair their children’s health, socialization, and ability to learn? These women are all potential domestic terrorists and must be silenced.

By the way, the leftists’ latest shtick of encouraging abortion as a virtuous behavior also severs an emotionally healthy woman’s natural maternal instinct. Promoting abortion, of course, is a subset of the longstanding leftist habit of severing sex from both emotional commitment (a feminine attribute) and procreation (for women, another uniquely feminine ability that extends beyond men’s genetic contribution).

One of the things that’s been obvious for decades is that the Democrat party is profoundly anti-Black. Erase all the slogans and words of love, and what you end up with is a political party that is doing everything possible to demean, marginalize, and destroy Blacks with programs that encourage self-destructive behavior that then gets the stamp of Democrat approval thanks to the hard bigotry of the Dems’ extraordinarily low expectations.

It should be clear by now, too, that the Dems are doing the exact same thing to women. They are being erased, driven crazy, or persecuted for their most important Darwinian attribute—the defense of their young.

Image: Mid-19th Century illustration showing the virtuous Roman woman, Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchi. Public domain.

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