Vaccines, abortion, and conscience

The federal government continues its aggressive agenda of forcing U.S. citizens to willingly or unwillingly accept the injection of one of the six available COVID vaccines.  Every possible mandate contrivance is being deployed.  Mandates for vaccines have been dictated for college faculty and students, for U.S. military personnel, elementary and high-school teachers, and now, with its most recent ‘mandate to mandate’, for businesses with 100 or more employees.  This will require the management of these companies to mandate vaccine injection for all employees and to terminate those who refuse.  Mandates are being considered for elementary and high-school children.

Though not widely publicized, the pharmaceutical companies that produce the COVID vaccines have all confirmed that their medications have been designed, developed, and produced using cells from aborted human fetuses.  There are many people who conscientiously oppose abortion.  The individual conscience in this matter is guided by one’s own life experiences and traditions.  Many consider abortion to be the illegal destruction of human life and not good for the well-being of society.  For others, this ‘inner judge’ tells them that abortion is engendering racism and white supremacy in our country.  Issues that form one’s conscience on abortion do not have to be religious.  Such a conscience can belong to people with no religion at all.  They are societal, not religious judgments.  No one -- no imam, no pope, no chancellor, and certainly no government official or agency can form another person’s conscience in the matter of abortion. 

If one’s conscience is opposed to abortion or its uses for any purpose, including vaccine development and production, that is your private judgment.  Under our system of protection of individual freedoms, forcing a person to do any act that is contrary to a person’s conscience by anyone or any organization or government is forbidden and is illegal.  A person who refuses the injection of an abortion-based vaccine is no different than one who refuses to go into combat in a war that their conscience tells them is unjust.  In this country, our freedom to make such conscience-based choices is protected, until it isn’t.

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