Kamala Harris gets 'repackaged' and now looks cringier than ever

Two weeks ago, Kamala Harris hired a "crisis communications expert," to create a new image for her. She needed a "rebranding" it seems, to paper over her failures. Her stints as border surge czar and voting czar weren't going over well with the public. Her staff flight and toxic work environment continued her downward trajectory. The taxpayers would pay, of course, for this bid to get her poll numbers up, but who was counting?

According to Politico:

For months, KAMALA HARRIS’ allies have insisted her office is not in crisis. So why did she hire a veteran crisis communications expert last month?

LORRAINE VOLES was one of two hires, along with former Obama speechwriter ADAM FRANKEL, reported by both the Washington Post and CNN over the weekend. Both worked for the vice president during the transition, and “offered to be of assistance,” an official from the White House said. A Harris aide said Voles and Frankel began their new roles in August.

Although the White House official didn’t use the word “crisis,” Voles is well known as a public relations and crisis communications expert. She most recently led crisis communications at George Washington University and at Fannie Mae, after serving as a strategist and adviser to HILLARY CLINTON’s 2006 Senate reelection race and 2008 presidential bid. In the late ‘90s, she helped AL GORE craft his message as vice president. Now she’ll help Harris with long-term planning, her policy agenda and with “organizational development” and strategic communications, according to a White House official.

And now the result is here:

Two other videos that show her in the same powder-blue pantsuit (maybe the one she demanded to be featured in her ill-fated Vogue cover?) are comparably bad and can be viewed here and here.

The Canadian public relations company she worked with, incredibly enough, known as Sinking Ship Entertainment, as TheLastRefuge discovered, specializes in video production and distribution featuring kids.

Kids are great to be seen with, right? They make a battered client look compassionate and motherly (or fatherly), something that's particularly useful when one has a reputation as a hectoring scold. As the Democrats like to say as they try to shove some distasteful socialist program down the public's throat, it's about the children, always about the children. Loathsome-personalitied Hillary Clinton used it a lot and Planet Nancy Pelosi still uses it often.

So what better than to pose Kamala Harris in videos full of children?

Plenty. We now know that she doesn't have any idea how to talk to a child. The kids she addresses look about 10 or 11 years old. They are probably bright kids with an interest in space and science. Yet all we hear from Kamala is that they will view moon craters with their own eyes. She talks to them like they are three and have never heard of the moon. Worse still, she also does her Woody Woodpecker laugh a lot, waves her arms around in an exaggerated way, and acts a bit too excited to see them, making everyone think she's fake.

Now, like her, I'm a childless woman, and I was never around kids, so I know it's pretty natural not to know how to address them. It takes time if you don't know from parenting, and sometimes even parents fail. I learned eventually, though, through trial and error, when I spent several years teaching catechism. Opposite of Kamala, I initially tended to talk way over the kids, and the little kids' eyes would roll back. Behavior problems were common, too, because the kids like to test you to see if you mean what you say. It certainly helped to watch and ask the advice from experienced teachers whom I knew were very effective. But most of it was simply experience, what went over well with them, and what didn't. It even helps to ask the kids what interests them. By the time I finished after four teaching years, I never had to raise my voice -- I had learned how to teach nine-year-olds on a level that engaged them. It's something one learns, it's not innate, nor is it some simple thing anyone can do on the spot, which is what Kamala must have thought.

She flopped, big time, and now looks faker than ever.

What it goes to show is that even an expensive public relations professional with experience in damage control, which is what she hired, can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. If a client is bad, no soft fuzzy pictures with children are going to help them. Just as Voles's previous client, Hillary Clinton. Like her, Kamala Harris still came across as fake. As one Twitter commenter noted, he liked her better when she was nasty in the Senate.

John Hinderaker at Powerline has an important observation:

What is striking about Kamala Harris is her lack of political talent. In that respect, she reminds me of Richard Nixon. Politics was a painful profession for Nixon; he had no knack for it. Nevertheless, he climbed to the political heights through sheer will power. Harris, like Nixon, is in the wrong business. In her case, her rise was due not to extraordinary will and effort, but to her illicit relationship with Willie Brown. Politics came too easily because her path was greased. 

The final thing it shows is that Kamala Harris hasn't done her homework. She's Joe Biden's space czar and she had nothing intelligent to tell the kids about space. She spoke stupidly to them in part because she doesn't know much of anything about space. Like the border, and the election-rigging "reform" she volunteered for, she really knows nothing about her topic. What she knows about are Vogue photoshoots, Instagram pictures, taking bows as the "first" black and Asian and woman vice president. She doesn't know anything about governing. She's all about public relations.

And now it's come back to bite her.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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