Sunday Schadenfreude: Vogue mag treats Kamala Harris with all the seriousness she deserves

When two scorpions in a bottle get into a fight, there's plenty of potential for the whole thing to get funny

So enter Vogue Magazine, and Kamala Harris, with Kamala played for the fool.

The solidly pro-Democrat media tool took a cover photoshoot of Harris, and in line with standard collaborative media-political practices, agreed upon a photo for the cover issue, something about Kamala in a powder blue suit.

But Vogue couldn't help itself. After making its agreement with Harris, it ran instead this cover, with Harris looking like a clown in a suit, complete with junky tennis shoes.

As for the photo, it was overexposed, meaning, she was sold to readers as black, but they've pretty much presented her as white:

So much for identity politics, which is Harris's only accomplishment. Harris's allies on Twitter are now screaming racism at Vogue and complaining that the fashion mag is not taking black women seriously. Some are calling for Vogue editor Anna Wintour's head. Some are saying 'sabotage.'

More bad reviews here:

The Harris camp, as reported by Ali, is naturally, pretty furious. How could Vogue, which is probably the ultimate media toady, do this to Harris, making her look like a rube in stupid tennis shoes, when she only likes to be portrayed in a certain way?

It's a laughable lament, however.

Nobody made Harris pose for that picture the way she did, standing there against pink bedsheets, recalling her political origins as Willie Brown's mistress, and wearing her signature dark pantsuit and pearls, along with inappropriate tennis shoes. She's the one who did it, and probably signed the releases, so tough toenails for her. She actually did dress like that in her few appearances on the campaign trail, so it is what she looked like. But she didn't want to be portrayed that way, she thought it made her look unserious, which of course, it did. She wanted to be portrayed as glamorous, an actress, a power-suit woman with a pretty face - as if the very act of posing for Vogue didn't automatically make her a lightweight. Truly powerful people don't waste time on Vogue photoshoots.

Worse for her, she actually was dumb enough to think she could tell Vogue what to print, or rather, she believed Vogue when they said hey, sure, we'll do what you say. The fashion industry is loaded with all kinds of dishonorable behavior. which, as an attorney, she should have known and gotten in writing and apparently didn't. 

What's amazing here is that they did it to a fellow Democrat.

Someone at Vogue must have said to him/her-self that it's always easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Or that lying to Kamala was a consequence-free thing, as she's hardly the most powerful woman in the world, even as they promote that in their current media line. They knew she was phony.

And why wouldn't they? Harris, with her ceaseless giggles and low political achievements, is an obvious lightweight. Therefore, they treated her accordingly.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot

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