I take no pleasure in being right

I have been reviewing my oldest posts about COVID, which started with an anti-lockdown diatribe last December.  I called the lockdowns government-imposed victimhood and naïvely called for the small business equivalent of the Boston Tea Party.  Oh, well.  That didn't happen!

In January, I wrote asking why people with COVID weren't being treated and noted how it seemed that reveling in the body count served the powers that be, despite early treatment being available that would save many lives.  I wrote again in January about the government's investment in keeping us afraid of COVID for their own sick reasons — namely, to peddle the lucrative vaccines.

In February, I again challenged people to stop being "sheeple" and stand up to the government.  Later the same month, I wrote about my suspicions that the vaccine was dangerous.  In that article, I again looked at the bottom-line question — who profits from the jab?

In March, I wrote about actually following the science with regard to vaccinations and masks.  Next, I wrote about a think-tank exercise of disaster scenarios that closely mimic what was going on in the U.S. and the world with COVID.  It had unexpected, revelatory results that you might yet find interesting.

In April, I brought up problems with graphene in masks, especially the ubiquitous blue hospital type.  I also address some of the science behind the general danger of masking everyone and the deep harm to children from wearing masks all the time.

I won't continue with examples; my archive is open to all, all 100 posts (if I counted right), quite a few of them on COVID and our response to it.  The point I am making is, I've been right in every darn post I've written, and that is worrisome.

I don't write from the POV of being an "expert."  I'm not.  I'm just a retiree with common sense and an active brain and the freedom to say what I want without the danger of losing a job or a medical license.  What I don't get is why everyone else can't see the same stuff I've noticed over time and why most people just put up with it all.

Clearly, everyone isn't as invested in finding the truth as I am.  Why else would our complacent public put its collective head down and toe the line, no matter the absurdity of government dictates?  Why don't they rise up and make a big brouhaha about how the government doesn't count immunity acquired from having been infected when we know from several careful studies that it's far better than vaccine immunity?  Why all the coercion?

We know, now, that the vaccine is causing people to get the virus because (simplistic explanation) it works only on alpha, so the virus has simply been wily and mutated.  Yes, I wrote about that a while back, and there's been a lot of other (often suppressed) information on it since — it's called antibody-dependent enhancement, and is a risk with all vaccines, not just COVID.  If you want to understand all of it better, listen to Dr. Robert Malone, who pioneered research in mRNA vaccines back in 1989.

We do know that vaccinating healthy teen boys, zero of whom have died of COVID (all the <18 COVID deaths have been in kids with obesity, other co-morbidities), puts them at risk from myocarditis from the vaccine.  We also know that the spike protein is passed on in breastmilk.

We also know that masks are 100% useless and worse — they could be causing all sorts of medical and psychological problems.  Nothing makes me madder than watching, as I did today, a mom and son walk down the street — Mom (who no doubt is vaccinated) breathing free, but the little boy absurdly masked.  I watch the kids on their way to school, all masked up.  How ignorant do you have to be not to know this is a bogus "feel good" non-remedy and is harmful?  Masks are the equivalent of the stuff the snake oil salesmen peddled in the old West, which was basically some cheap alcohol disguised as a remedy.

I'll never get the jab because I've looked at the actual reports of the damage it does.  I honestly think we've seen only the tip of the iceberg because we don't know what long-term effects are coming, and predictions are scary.

When are we going to wake up?  I just had to cancel a trip to see family.  My unvaccinated status would have mandated a quarantine that lasted half my trip.  Why, when there's ample proof it's the vaccinated who are passing COVID around?

We know a lot that is bad about the vaccine, and we know a lot about the dishonesty of our government in tracking COVID, but for some reason, too many people are convinced, when they look at the evidence, to scream "conspiracy theory."

Image: COVID virus.  Public domain.

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