Why do they want us all vaccinated?

Our vaccine is experimental, and we, the people, are being herded into a mass drug trial such as the FDA has never before attempted.

That is the unembellished truth.  Nobody in authority wants to mention this truth.  Instead, there's a long trail of rah-rah news propaganda, about fabulous new stadium-parking-lot vaccine sites (because what else would a parking lot at a stadium be used for these days?), numbers of doses available, and reports about the elderly in nursing homes doing a dance of joy at getting their jabs and maybe being let out of jail to see family and people other than one another.  These generally come with an interview of somebody in a nursing facility who calls the rest of us, those who don't want to be guinea pigs, "fools" and tells us to just "get on with it" so we can finally hug Mom.

Nothing is said of potential ill effects.  The fact that this drug trial has claimed a good number of victims already is never mentioned.  Nor do we hear about the mRNA injection causing potential long-term problems, despite much speculation on censored sites.  While the media glossed over co-morbidities in COVID stats, when it comes to deaths after getting the jab, if the deaths and adverse effects are mentioned at all, it's with the disclaimer that the victim had other issues, too.

If you try to access information from the CDC about adverse reactions, there's not a word that I could find.  Cases and Deaths are listed — on the vaccine page, referring only to COVID itself.

Moreover, in California, we have a governor doing public appearances warning us about so-called variants that might still get us sick.  He does this to justify keeping the state shut down, despite a huge diminution of cases.  Magnanimously, he assures us he will keep us from living life to protect us from these mythical, potentially more lethal variants.

He's flat-out lying.  Why?  Perhaps it's because the government knows that if we open the state, and get back to normal life, fewer of us will want to take the vaccine.  As I wrote about here a few days ago, the other reason is that once we open, we'll see with our own unmasked eyes exactly what has been done to our economy in the name of keeping us "safe."

If you want a thorough exposition of the lethality (or lack thereof) of the new variants, here's a good article covering the subject, that also concludes, as I have, that people will not want to be vaccinated if they know the truth.  The crux of it is, variants are not more lethal, and reports touting that they are were not peer-reviewed or necessarily factual.  Virus variations are expected are minor.  To quote my favorite conclusion from the article's several experts, "[t]he general 'direction of travel' is to become less injurious but easier to transmit, eventually joining the other 40 or so viruses which cause what we collectively term 'the common cold."

If the vaccine is an experiment, if the cases are plummeting, and if the state is still stepping on our necks both to keep us from noticing the devastation and to make us desire the vaccine, then what is the logical conclusion?  My guess is, it's all about making some people some money and, in the process, changing the country for the worse.  That's a harsh conclusion; perhaps another explanation is that we have a case of Munchausen by (government) proxy, whereby the State wants us ill so it can be seen as our savior.  But that takes us only so far.

A British article on vaccines and cash touts the altruism of the manufacturers and shows governments themselves as the biggest funders.  Yes, there are the Gates Foundation, Alibaba, and Dolly Parton, too.  But if the government is all in on funding these vaccines, and pushing them on us, it is basically using our tax money to pay for a forced vaccination.

What better way to justify coming tax hikes?  "The rich" will undoubtedly be sacrificed in the name of holy vaccination.  Democrats may finally get their wealth tax.

We all know that once the government starts taking a percentage of the "rich" people's savings every year, it won't be from the tech oligarchs; they will have had ample time and expertise to protect what's theirs.  No, the "rich" will be those who have assiduously saved, invested, and worked hard.  Once they're done with the top tier there, the trickle-down taxes will start moving down the economic ladder.  Vaccinations will serve as an effective way to push socialism or, dare I say, communism.

(Note: American Thinker is not taking a position on vaccinations.  Instead, unlike the mainstream media, it is offering different viewpoints on the subject so readers can weigh the data and arguments.)

Image: Injection by CDC on Unsplash.

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