Will the COVID boogie man get you?

I asked my friend if she knew what treatment she'd be offered if she got COVID.  She'd recently lost her second husband to cancer, and watching her experiences with his hospitalization and death had awakened my need to understand medical care in these strange and angst-filled times.  I've written about it here and subsequently learned a lot talking to several doctors, including my own.

My friend parroted what we've all been led to believe: that if she tested positive, she'd isolate and tough it out unless she got too sick to do so.  If that happened, she'd go to the hospital.  After almost a year of COVID, though, this is not the best option.

There are better ones, as I found out when I asked my doctor.  She was willing to sit down with me and answer my questions.  Her answers were reassuring.  Should I get COVID, she outlined a course of immediate treatment with which she's had great success.

As she described what she'd do, the heavy weight of my fears dissipated.  I highly recommend everyone have that talk with his doctor and lighten his load.  These days, it can often be done by email or video chat.

Why have we Americans been left virtually in the dark about treatments for COVID?  If we realized there were options (e.g., that we could ask for immediate treatment if we tested positive), we might discover that of the 400,000 plus people who've died from or with COVID in America, many shouldn't have had to die at all.

We might realize this overweening fear we're living with is irrational.  That, I think, would precipitate rebellion against the nanny state.  That rebellion must happen, or we won't survive as a country.

Evaluate COVID as you would any other potential illness, from the flu to diabetes to heart disease to the common cold.  Look at the statistics I present below.  Draw your own conclusions.  Take charge of your own life and health!

COVID has not been fatal for most people who get it.  It's contagious, but a positive test is not a death sentence.  A positive test doesn't even mean, necessarily, that you will get sick.  The test is hyper-sensitive, something even the WHO admitted recently.

Check out how COVID statistics compare with other diseases.  I visited a site that is called WorldLifeExpectancy.com.  It has myriad brightly colored and somewhat interactive charts relating to health rankings drawn from all over the world and are divisible by place.  The information on it is current.

If you choose to look at the United States, you will see that the leading cause of death is COVID, although the numbers do not get broken out by whether there are co-morbidities, which skews results.  However, coronary heart disease runs a close second.  You can also look at your own state, where, no doubt, the statistics will be similar.

The site doesn't lump all cancers together but, instead. separates statistics for various types of cancers.  However, if you add all the types together, nationwide, cancer deaths have occurred at about the same number as COVID deaths, maybe even a bit more.  Think about that: we are paying vast attention to COVID when it is a little more deadly than heart disease, and less deadly than or equally deadly to cancer.

Here in shut down California, we hover at the edge of a precipitous financial collapse.  It's gotten so dire, we're gathering the million and a half signatures needed to recall our once popular governor.  Our children languish at home, and our businesses teeter on bankruptcy, if they have even made it this far.

Ironically, the COVID statistics in open states (such as Florida) are similar to ours.  That indicates that our shutdown is a useless exercise in power-mad control, not a rational act.

Not only that, but California's bureaucrats naïvely demand, as only government workers with steady paychecks and no experience in wealth creation can, that our stressed businesses reach into their empty pockets to pay their workers more.  This is forcing more businesses to choose closure over bleeding to death.

We joke about citizens being sheeple, but it's true.  We are being fed a line, and we're not questioning it as closely as we could.  Those who do get ostracized, fined, and canceled, but it's time for some bravery, please!  Time for you to speak up, ask questions, and get your own answers.  The state wants to hold power over your life and livelihood.  Don't cede your liberty!

Image: Couple talking to a doctor by the National Cancer Institute.  Public Domain.

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