Are the solons of Vogue plotting against Kamala?

I noted it earlier, but with Jill Biden on the cover of Vogue, it's now even more worth watching — are the solons of Vogue out to get Kamala Harris?

It's striking, what's gone down with that over-the-top gushy profile they ran about Jill Biden, whom they actually call a "goddess."

In strong contrast, Kamala Harris got the bum's rush when she posed for a photo shoot just five months earlier.  They promised to run her cover photo in a powder blue suit, as she demanded, but instead, they ran an embarrassing shot of her posing in front of pink bed sheets and wearing junky tennis shoes.  Remember this?

Harris's allies on Twitter are now screaming racism at Vogue and complaining that the fashion mag is not taking black women seriously. Some are calling for Vogue editor Anna Wintour's head. Some are saying 'sabotage.'


The Harris camp, as reported by Ali, is naturally, pretty furious. How could Vogue, which is probably the ultimate media toady, do this to Harris, making her look like a rube in stupid tennis shoes, when she only likes to be portrayed in a certain way?

Now Jill Biden, who's Kamala Harris's rival for power as "Mrs. Wilson," given Joe Biden's dotage, according to political reports, somehow gets gushing, gushing coverage, while Kamala gets one negative profile after another.

It's well known that Jill Biden can't stand her, as this report notes, so it's obvious the pair are rivals.  Jill, after all, likes to play president by sitting at senile Joe's desk, as she did on a trip to Europe in recent weeks.  She speaks of "we" as studying up on the issues.  Harris by contrast is out in the cold, with big tasks she can't possibly handle, such as immigration, fobbed off on her by Joe to keep the stench of failure safely off himself.

Andrea Widburg brings up the likely possibility that Jill is actually leaking the bad stories about Kamala Harris's frivolousness, laziness, horrible management skills, and inability to keep staff to the press.  She's known to be mean and vindictive, similar to Joe himself.  My sources have told me that the perception on Capitol Hill is that Harris is in some kind of rebellion against Joe Biden, as evidenced in her failure to do her job, so we can expect this mutual hate to eventually come out into the open.

That's some loveliness among the mistresses and housewives of the House of Biden, getting the long knives out for one another.

Now Vogue is telegraphing more messages, with one getting gushy coverage and the other made to look stupid.

It's obviously a matter of favoring Jill over Kamala in an undercover way in the battle for power and public opinion.

Let's look at who runs Vogue: Anna Wintour, the devil who wears Prada herself.  She's listed as the Condé Nast "global chief content officer" now, but as longtime Vogue editor and a famous micromanager, there's reason to think she still micromanages that "book":

Here's her Wikipedia entry on some of her political activity:

Wintour has been a supporter of the Democratic Party since Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate run and John Kerry's 2004 presidential run. She also served Barack Obama's 2008 and 2012 presidential runs as a "bundler" of contributions. In 2008 and 2012, she co-hosted fundraisers with Sarah Jessica Parker, the latest being a 50-person, $40,000-per-person dinner at Parker's West Village town house with Meryl StreepMichael Kors, and Trey Laird, an advertising executive, among the attendees. She has also teamed with Calvin Klein and Harvey Weinstein on fundraisers during Obama's first term and Donna Karan has been among the attendees.[117] In 2013 when Vogue's former director of communications stepped down, Wintour was rumoured to be looking to hire someone with a political background. Soon after, Wintour hired Hildy Kuryk, a former fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee and Obama's first campaign.[118][119] She supported Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, forming part of Clinton's long list of wealthy donors or "Hillblazers" as well as serving as Clinton's consultant on her wardrobe choices for key moments of the campaign.[120] Wintour endorsed Joe Biden for the 2020 United States presidential election.

That last item stands out — the famous trend-spotter and youthquake advocate was an early endorser of senile old Joe Biden, back in March 2020, just after Joe won his Super Tuesday victories.  That was right about when the Democratic and swamp establishments, according to the famous Time story, got busy together to "save democracy."

It's strange stuff, making one wonder if there was something in it for her.  Biden is famous for his corruption and pay-to-play trade-offs, and Wintour works in publishing, one of those areas where disguised bribes and tradeoffs often occur, similar to the art world.  Let's just say the weather conditions for such things are there.

Was there some tradeoff to flatter Jill?  It's hard to think Wintour liked Joe on his merits.  We definitely see a trend toward favoring Jill and squelching her rival Harris in this magazine now.  One wonders what Biden and Wintour could have going as mutual benefits.  All we know is that she likes doddery Joe much much more than lightweight Harris.

Image: Giorgio Montersino, with cropping and color corrections by Daniel Case, via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.

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