Is Kamala Harris in open rebellion against Joe Biden?

Is Kamala Harris in open rebellion against Joe Biden?

Sure looks that way.  Seven weeks after being named Biden's border czar, she's in some sort of defiance against the job Biden gave her and racking up failures.  The attorney general of Arizona is calling on Biden to fire her.  According to the Washington Examiner:

"Her response to the border crisis has been absolutely abysmal, so I am requesting that she be replaced as your 'border czar,'" Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich wrote in a letter to Biden.

Maybe "abysmal" is what Joe wants.  But on the other hand, the nonstop news of Biden/Harris administration's border failures aren't helping Joe at the polls, either.  He's holding up personally, for now, but the public is against his border policy, according to this poll cited by Joe Concha.  Harris, however, is underwater, and her failure to do her job as border czar is the major reason.  It's only a matter of time before the erosion of standing moves to Joe, and the public starts blaming him, too.

Why does it look like rebellion?

Start with the fact that he fobbed that job off onto Kamala quite possibly as a sort of payback to President Obama, who, during a previous border surge, dumped that job onto him.  He knew how hard it was, and how lazy and incompetent she was.  So he packaged it to the public as this:

And I can think of nobody who — who is better qualified to do this than a former — this is a woman who ran the second-largest attorney general's office in America — after the U.S. — after the United States Attorney General — in the state of California, and has done a great deal upholding human rights, but also fighting organized crime in the process. 

So it's not her full responsibility and job, but she's leading the effort because I think the best thing to do is to put someone who, when he or she speaks, they don't have to wonder about is that where the President is.  When she speaks, she speaks for me.  Doesn't have to check with me.  She knows what she's doing, and I hope we can move this along. 

But — so, Madam Vice President, thank you.  I gave you a tough job, and you're smiling, but there's no one better capable of trying to organize this for us.

But all signs are there that Kamala is far from the most able manager.  She, in fact, seems so incompetent that she's rebelling.

One, she hasn't visited the border, which has seen 178,000 illegal entries by foreigners into the U.S. in April alone.  No photos of her and overcrowded migrant shelters to generate some possibly unfavorable news coverage, quite apart from what she's already gotten for nonperformance. 

Concha also notes this: 

Harris might also have to answer questions about why she once seemingly compared ICE to the KKK and argued that illegal border crossings should be legal

Harris instead has been visiting Chicago cake shops, kvetching about her home decorating, and traveling to New Hampshire to talk "infrastructure."

As border czar, she says she doesn't deal with the nitty-gritty, you see.  She just deals with heads of state, and "root causes" as if the border's illegal surgers couldn't possibly know why they were coming.

It's quite a contrast to what Vice President Phony has claimed here: "You have to see and smell and feel the circumstances of people to really understand them," as Arizona's attorney general wrote in April, trying to coax Harris to come to the border earlier.

As for her claim to want to deal with only heads of state, well, she apparently bombed with Mexico, with its president walking out on her due to having more important things to do.  AT editor Andrea Widburg wrote about that here.

She spoke by Zoom to the president of Guatemala, not traveling there, either, with only promises to come in June, making the excuse of COVID restrictions, despite the fact that both she (and the Guatemalan leaders) are fully vaccinated.

As for Honduras, well, the USAID office seems to be trying to pick up the slack for her, as this transcript shows here.  Harris can't be bothered.  I wrote about that here.

And El Salvador?  The president there says he has no intention of talking to her, based on the crummy treatment he received when he visited Washington in February.  Smart work, Kamala.

This isn't the bang-up job on the border that Biden promised, not even on the diplomatic front which is the role Kamala carved out for herself.

Biden in fact has been forced to modify and clarify what her job will be, given that Kamala seems to in some kind of opposition to him on the border.

Her record, as the Arizona official said, is "abysmal."

That's not just incompetence; that's someone who's refusing to do her job.  She's in rebellion, and if Joe wants results, he's got to fire her.  But he's just too feeble and pressured, so he probably won't unless his hand is forced.  He'll just get an open border, and in the end, that Harris-esque collapse in the polls for himself.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.

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