Out on her ear, Liz Cheney throws her weight into a 9/11-style commission to Get Trump

Not content with serving her constituents in Wyoming following her infamous booting as chief of the House Republican Conference, Liz Cheney continues to be busy.

...with her usual stuff: that Captain Ahab quest of hers, to Get Trump.  She put out this tweet:

That's the old 9/11-style commission she's been bucking for.  And sure enough, she got it.  According to WUSA9:

Lawmakers announced Friday a deal has been reached to establish a bipartisan 9/11-style commission into the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

As if this commission, supposedly bipartisan, wouldn't be filled to the brim with NeverTrump Republicans, probably some linked to the Democrat billionaire–financed pervy Lincoln Project.

Why Cheney seeks a commission at all is kind of disgusting.  After all, we all know what her conclusions are.  She's out to Get Trump, and by any means necessary.  That would explain her sneaky maneuvers with leftist defense secretaries, organizing a big letter-signing without telling anyone she was behind it.  It would also explain her willingness to spread lies about President Trump supposedly knowing all about Russian bounties placed on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and doing nothing about it.  That intelligence report, as it turns out, was as phony as Liz herself, little more  than a bad intelligence bid to Get Trump.  Yet Liz was the one who did the most promoting of it.

So now she thinks her little commission can put out something bipartisan and impartial?  Can draw conclusions based on facts found?  Can look at the issues and come to a consensus?  All without a foregone conclusion?

She's Potemkin-villaging us, hoping we will all come to blame Trump as she does for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot based on this joke of a report with a foregone conclusions, and then come flocking to her as the alternative.

Anyone smell a rat?  Anyone see how this works?  It's obviously a joke.  There won't be any real Republicans on this, just her fellow cronies, all intent on Getting Trump and playing Republican while doing it, never mind the facts. 

Liz has been honest about her real motives, convinced that us deplorables will never notice the little scheme, being Neanderthals and all:

I will do everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office.

So to that end, she has this political motive for her 9/11-style kangaroo commission, which, obviously, isn't about finding any objective truth.

She's not just accused Trump of being behind the whole thing — where a section of a large gathering, led by a few bounders, as well as an unprepared Capitol police force, got out of control — yet somehow, Trump had entirely planned it.

Now she's accusing other GOP lawmakers of being behind it, too.  According to Business Insider:

Liz Cheney says the Capitol riot investigation 'threatens' GOP lawmakers because they 'played a role they should not have been playing'

Elsewhere, she has specifically accused House minority leader Kevin McCarthy, the man who orchestrated her ouster.  So her Vishinsky-style kangaroo purge now is to extend beyond Trump, to guys like McCarthy, with zero Democrats in the crossfire, which certainly serves their purposes.

She's even gotten weird in her claims, putting out this most recently, according to CNN:

Liz Cheney says some GOP members voted against impeachment out of fear for their lives

As if Trump ran some kind of KGB operation with the full backing of the U.S. intelligence apparatus, that same apparatus that repeatedly tried to do him in.  Right, Liz.

Anyone who thinks there'll be a drop of objectivity in this bipartisan commission has got to be a fool, or someone who, like Liz, claims and believes that the 2020 election was all free and fair, the way Jimmy Carter once did with Venezuela's 2004 referendum.

Even the setup is a joke.  According to this piece published by a genuine nonpartisan observer, the 9/11 commission report gets too much good publicity.

However, before we move forward with a new investigation that may lead to legislative and executive fixes, we should revisit the 9/11 report itself and ask if it really achieved the objectives so often attributed to it. It may be a poor model for a serious look at the events surrounding Jan. 6.

The report dodged many of the most difficult issues and failed to assign accountability to specific individuals, political leaders or agencies. Instead, the commissioners — a group of five Republicans and five Democrats, led by former New Jersey governor Thomas Kean and former congressman Lee Hamilton of Indiana — seemed as intent on deflecting blame from political leaders and policy decisions as they were on uncovering inconvenient facts. To achieve unanimity among commissioners who represented and sought to protect the two political parties, the report's conclusions focused chiefly on institutions and processes rather than tackling potential accountability for policy decisions. Some staff investigators even described the failure to highlight key findings as a whitewash.

This is why we never got answers as to why the Bush administration seemed so intent on shielding bin Laden family members and instead, getting them out of the country.  Liz loved the Bush administration, of course — she was part of it, a beneficiary of its nepotism and dynasty politics.

Bottom line: These commissions focus on process and not policymakers, as the writer, John Sipher, a former intelligence officer, noted.  A commission of Democrats and NeverTrump Republicans would have no problem blaming the one policymaker who won't be represented in this scam: President Trump.

Liz is all about creating smokescreens and fooling us, now with this 9/11-style farce directed at President Trump.  We all know what she thinks and her imperviousness to facts.  She can't be booted from office soon enough.

Image: Screen shot from CNN YouTube video.