Vogue declares Jill Biden 'a goddess' and puts her on its cover as the epitome of style

Vogue, the world's fashion bible, has placed Jill Biden on its cover as the epitome of fashion.  She's a "goddess," these people explain.

That's a stretch, given that the first lady has sported getups like this loud red zebra print dress, or these huge-print patterned pantyhose worn with elfin spike heel ankle boots.

It goes to show that its whole shtick is politics, not fashion.  After all, the big fashion bible for the world's stylish somehow managed to overlook the nation's truly stylish first lady, Melania Trump, a former supermodel, who not only was quite beautiful, but age-appropriate and elegant in her four years as first lady.  To claim that Jill Biden somehow tops her as a fashion icon is laughable.

That hasn't stopped them.  Now they're trying to sell us Jill, who's little more than somebody's wife who often dresses in loud, frumpy, non-age-appropriate clothing that is occasionally just plain weird, as suddenly a new style maven.  It reminds me of the scheming tailors who told the emperor that his new clothes were the epitome of refinement. 

Good luck with that, bozos.  

Now, sure, everyone in the public eye misses on the style front at times (some more than others), but Biden, when she's not wearing loud clothes that say "teacher's union activist," is just plain dowdy, if not tasteless, particularly in the matter of wearing clothes that are too young for her to look good in.  Such as here and here. Notice that in this photo carousel, her sense of style has actually deteriorated in the past twenty years.  In her younger pictures, she actually did pull off the stylish, age-appropriate look.  Now she's gone Pippi Longstocking in some kind of hellish crisis no one's asking about.

Vogue notes this about Biden's fashion sense, with this NSS reportage:

Dr. Biden doesn't work with a stylist: "It's all her," Alexander says.

No kidding.

Now, it's true that many 69-year-old women do manage to look elegant without a stylist.  Jill is not one of them.

A good guide for that can be found in a book called Diary of a Geisha, by Arthur Golden, a best-seller several years ago, which Jill Biden couldn't have read.

The Vogue stylists who styled Jill quite nicely for the photo shoot in Oscar de la Renta and Ralph Lauren obviously understood its Geisha advice (which crosses all cultures) for making an older woman look good.  One of those commands is to wear luxurious solid fabrics.  Check.  Another is to stay away from shiny fabrics and loud prints, which Jill Biden doesn't otherwise seem to know.  Biden obviously pays a lot of attention to her looks, given that she's got a flat stomach and a relatively thin figure, and also because in her Vogue interview, she said she does pay a lot of attention to dress.  She knows that dying her hair blonde tends to take years off, though she manages to make hers a blowsy bottled-blonde look, which doesn't quite work except if she wants to appear low-class.  The Vogue stylists fixed that stuff for the glamour shoot and presented her to readers as a "goddess" in their gushy words.

Here's how bad it is in this photo spread, with a long, long article.  The gushing asides and commentaries from the writer are absolutely continuous.

Some examples, emphasis mine:

It felt like a subtle rebuke to that scolding she was subjected to back in December for using the title she has every right to.

You generally hear her before you see her because she is often laughing. She is, quite simply, a joy multiplier. 

Meanwhile, countless editorials began marking the first 100 days of the Biden administration, many expressing surprised relief over how much was getting done, how much legitimately helpful policy was moving through the system, how little drama, how few flubs or fumbles or ugly fights.

Part of what makes the Bidens' right-out-of-the-gate successes so extraordinary...

She's selling a new vision for how our most fundamental institutions ought to work—infrastructure, education, public health—even as she goes to extraordinary lengths to keep a real-world job, to stay in touch with what makes her human and what matters most.

In many ways, Dr. Biden is perfectly calibrated for this moment—thus far, a nearly pomp-free presidency.

...it suits Joe, in his aviators, so tall and thin in his impeccable blue suit.

After the Bidens enter the classroom—introduced as the Very Special Guests they most certainly are...

...asks a series of thoughtful questions, 

He crouches into a deep knee bend, impressive for a 78-year-old...

...Jill lingers on the macadam behind him in black-and-white stilettos, looking every inch a goddess at 69.

...before insisting that he never wanted to live in the White House. It was part of his reluctance to run for the office in the first place.

She is a very stylish person who even in jeans and a cashmere sweater over an untucked chambray looks totally pulled together.

When you ask Dr. Biden a question that she does not want to answer, she flashes a winning smile...

This is pretty disgusting, telling us all we need to know about their sellout of their claim to style.  We know they enraged Kamala Harris with their photo shoot of her wearing tennis shoes on the cover.  Now this eunuch-like flattery of Jill seems to be a make-up spread, given that the Bidens can be vindictive.

In one of the gushings, there's unintentional irony: "It's hard to imagine Joe doing this without her."

Yeah, we know.  When a president is literally senile, the unelected wife steps into the void.

Let's just say Vogue has sunk to a new low in attempting to put lipstick on a pig and sell a pig's ear as a silk purse.  Whether the public will buy this total nonsense is questionable.

Image: TerrellAfterMath.com Meme, public domain.

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