Teenage boys are proving to be unexpected blessings

As the mother of a former teenage boy, who has now passed through that stage, I can say there are few human beings on earth who can show rawer, often foolhardy, courage than a teenage boy.  In 2021, this is proving to be an extraordinary blessing because it turns out that it is teenage boys who have the courage to stand up to crazy teachers.  The latest example comes out of Wisconsin, where a completely out-of-control teacher lambasted a relaxed teenage boy for showing his naked face.

When you write as much as I do, you inevitably find yourself repeating themes.  One of my themes for the past eight months or so has been that leftist women, especially young women, have been driven completely crazy by leftism.  They are hysterical, shrill, and aggressive.

They are also the kind of female most likely to get a teenage boy's dander up.  And when teenage boys deal with women like this, they do so by being respectfully oppositional.  They don't yell or scream; they just repeat the behavior or the words that got the woman crazy in the first place.

This first became apparent to me when a teenage boy was dealing with a crazed leftist teacher in Loudoun County.  The teacher, who was obviously part of Loudoun County's Critical Race Theory cadre, so he had an element of female looniness, was trying to force the boy to focus entirely on the race of two young women.  The boy refused.  Instead, repeatedly, politely, and with obvious delight that he was making his teacher crazy, he insisted (rightly) that the girls just looked happy in each other's company.

Although I didn't write about it, two weeks ago, there was another example of a teenage boy standing up to a woke teacher.  In this case, it was a young man (maybe 18 or 19) who refused to let an aggressive and ignorant leftist teacher browbeat him into denying that police officers are to be admired:

The most recent example is perhaps the most egregious case of teacher bullying.  On Tuesday, a teacher in Poynette, Wisconsin started hurling abuse at a teenage boy who was not wearing a mask.

The boy is sitting on the floor, completely relaxed, as the teacher yells at him, "I don't care if you're vaccinated, you little dink.  I don't want to get sick and die.  There's other people you can infect just because you're vaccinated."  Ironically, three days later, the Biden administration finally admitted what has been known for some time, which is that vaccinated people are not contagious.

The student does what all teenage boys do when faced with a crazy woman's escalating hysteria: he pretty much absorbed it (and, given her abuse, I hope reveled in having driven a crazy middle-aged woman completely around the bend).  "Okay," he repeatedly says.

That only serves to increase her anger level.  She now starts screaming personal insults at him.  "You know what?  You're not a special person around here.  You should hear how everybody talks about you around here.  You're a jerk."  The boy responds with the answer most likely to inflame her wrath. "I don't care how people talk about me."

The teacher has since been placed on administrative leave so that the school can investigate her behavior.  Frankly, she's not very interesting because she is simply another one in a long line of women driven mad by leftism.  What fascinates me are the young men who politely, even respectfully, refuse to accept the way their teachers try to force them to deny reality and embrace their neurotic madness.  You go, boys!  If America is saved from being driven lock, stock, and barrel into the loony bin, it may be because of your stubborn, almost insouciant, behavior in the face of your teachers' insanity.

Image: Teenage boy standing up to crazy.  Twitter screen grab.

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