Oops! Wisconsin Dems delete embarrassing video

We got an entertaining look into the minds of Democrat leaders in Wisconsin last week.  They are so wrapped up in the propaganda vision of Biden's policies that they actually made and posted a video of Wisconsinites (60% of them racial minorities) dancing the "stimmy shimmy" in ecstasy over the "free money" that the feds are sending out.

Twitter video screen grab.

Apparently, a grown-up who pays taxes mentioned to them, as Ace pointed out, "that they were now simply the Welfare Queen party," so they deleted the video.  But the internet is forever, and a preserved copy is available for all to see:

It's laughable, but it is no joke that a substantial segment of the populace believes that there is a free lunch from Uncle Sugar and that free money is an unalloyed joy.  And a state's Democrat leadership sees nothing at all wrong with celebrating welfare checks from the taxpayers.  

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